Goronway Cuffin Roberts was a young Welsh soldier of the First World War. His service, after basic training, was entirely conducted in the Middle Eastern theatre of war beginning with Gallipoli campaign, throughout the conquest of Palestine and concluding in Egypt in 1919.
We, his grandson and great grandson, Matthew and Bryn Roberts have, among other memorabilia, all Goronway’s letters home to his family. These range from his first letter from a troopship en route to the East in July 1915 to his last from Egypt in 1919. Most are still in their envelopes and have most likely not been read in nearly 100 years.
Our intention on this site is to publish each of these letters, with commentary as appropriate, 100 years from the day they were written and in so doing perhaps paint a picture of a young man growing up in a world of violence where any day might be his last. They may also shine some light on social aspects of the home front as he passes comment on the news from home in the South Wales valleys. We are yet to read but a few of the first letters so this will be somewhat of a voyage of discovery in itself.
Letters home were heavily self-censored so where we can we will attempt to cross reference dates and events with regimental histories and accounts of the war in other sources. All sources will be explained in full and any comments from readers, if any, relating too their relatives experience will be recognized.