A1 and in the Pink – 100 years on

WWI as seen in the letters of Sgt GC Roberts MM of the 1/5th Welsh Regiment


May 2018

May 28th 1918 In the Field “the Turkish Dardanelles Star”


GCR took this medal, the Dardanelles Star, off a Turkish prisoner. He came to regret this later in life feeling that the Turk had probably earned his medal just as much as he had earned his.

May 27th 1918 In the Field “a touch of gas”

May 19th 1918 In the Field

May 12th 1918 In the Field


I suspect GCR is referring to to 3rd Marquis of Bute who died in 1900 and whose heart is buried in Jerusalem.

May 7th 1918. In the Field. Letter to GCR’s sister Mailys.

May 1st 1918. In the Field


The following is not the snapshot of St George’s mentioned but a probably contemporary image found on line.

April 28th 1918. In the Field

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