Dear Dad and Mam

Here I am again writing to let you know that I am as per usual in the pink and still going strong hope you all at home are the same. We are having awful weather these last few days raining torrents and hail stones and cold worse weather than we get in Blighty but i am as usual thankful for small mercies because I have got some sort of a cave to live in so it’s no so very bad in fact it could be very much worse. The Turks are driving the natives out of their villages on their side in this weather to get in themselves i suppose. I found two old women dead on the side of the road dropped from exhaustion. I reported it and got them brought in. It was horrible to see them, if this is war it’s time it finished. These may have been somebody’s mothers and just fancy dead worse than the dogs. It makes me hate Turks more and more. We get on very well with the natives ourselves the only thing is that they charge awful prices for their oranges and figs.

Feb 10th

Was not able to finish this letter when I started as it was raining too bad for anything. Since i started this letter I have received three letters from you one from Dad dated Jan 4 and two from Mailys and Dyfan dated Jan 6 and Jan 1st I was very glad indeed to get them. Dad’s letter was great just like his old letters used to be that’s the style Dad give it plenty more. Very glad indeed to understand you had such a good Xmas under the circumstances. By the description Dad gave me of it I actually fancied myself there. I have described my own Xmas to you a couple of times in previous letters so I will not do so in this as it’s not very pleasant to recall it. Very glad to know that Mr Evans was so very generous this year again he is a real good sort. May he live to be a thousand. I guess the solitary plum pudding you had was feeling rather lonely but I can assure you it’s worse not to have one at all. We have had no plum pudding this year but of course it can’t be helped for I suppose it is counted as a luxury so we must do without it. I don’t grumble because we have had very good tommy on the whole. We get cheese issued nearly every day and butter about twice a week, jam very day 3oz not so bad you know. We can buy plenty of the real oranges from Jaffa and they are good I would send you some in a green envelope only Mr Censor might eat them so it’s not worth risking. Very glad to hear that Glyndwr enjoyed his Xmas dinner hope he did not eat too much. Sorry to hear that Dyfan had a gum boil and had to watch other people devour the good things instead of him. Hard lines old son. Glad he made up for lost time. The weather still keeps very bad never saw such rain in my life as we have had for the last five days simply pouring down. I am very glad to hear that you are all in such good health at home I am as per usual in the pink and feeling A1. I met B Fry two days ago when I went to the 2nd Welsh F.A. (Field ambulance) to be inoculated foe cholera. He has been in Jerusalem for some weeks his lot were running Lord Rothchild’s hospital there he wishes too be remembered to you all. I have not seen the batt for a few weeks so i don’t know if Lew is back yet or Tudor Dodd. I am going up to the line again in a couple of days I may be able to see them up there. I am thankful to say that i have been protected from danger of all kinds and i am sure that the prayers of those at home have a lot to do with it. God has been very good indeed. I could tell you a good many instances in which I have escaped harm and am very thankful for it. The day I had my MM was a special day for me. I will let you know details when I come home. I sincerely hope peace will come soon and all the world will be at rest once more. I thank you all for your good wishes for the New Year. I must also wish Mailys may happy returns of the day although it is gone better late than never. My word she will be an old maid soon. well I have no more to say just now. Hope you are all in the best of health. Best love and best wishes to you all.

I am, Your Affectionate Son