Dear Dad and Mam

I am very glad to tell you that I came down from the line for a few days rest last night and I am still more to find three letters awaiting me when I got there. Two from home and one from Nain Jones. The letters from you were dated Dec (13th, 9th) and Dec 23rd. I am very thankful yo you and Mailys and Dyfan for writing to me so often, but of course the more the merrier. I am also very pleased to know that you are all in good health, I am as per usual bar a slight attack at times, but a few doses of Dad’s favourite (quinine) will soon put that right. I hope you enjoyed your Xmas dinner as per usual I did not because I had to play an awful game of coddum with myself. Sorry to hear of the absence of mince pies etc. We have not had any plum pudding out here this time I see they had it in France, but as we get plenty of decent footy I don’t mind. Sorry to hear that Mr George Rees has passed away. I should have liked to have been with you this Xmas but it can’t be helped i suppose I live in hopes of being home long before next Xmas rolls round. You say that you hope peace would come soon so do I too but it will come before long never fear the sooner the better. I guess it’s all for the best and when it’s all over it will be a great lesson to a good many like myself to value what is good and right and use a bit of common sense. I hope too that God will spare us all to meet again and I believe he will as you say I have been protected in danger in a marvelous way many times and if it be His will everything will come right in the end. I am glad to hear that Glyndwr is progressing in such a wonderful way each letter brings glowing reports of him from Mailys and Dyfan. I have not had a letter from Jon for a long time about last Nov if i remember rightly. I wrote to him a short time ago hope he has received it before now. I write to you as often as possible the last I wrote was on Feb 2nd. Hope you still continue to get my letters alright. It seems that there is a lot of bother about the sugar and tea queues hope you don’t have such trouble in the Co-op. I see in the paper that there is a strike on the Clyde again it is sickening g to hear of these strikes continually what does Labour want do they know themselves. I bet two thirds of them don’t. It does not seem there is a war on in Blighty according to them. It seems they are all out to make their pile as quick as possible. Let’s have the war over first and then one thing at a time. Glad to hear that Mr Evans has been so kind again this Xmas I had a fine letter from Nain really she is getting a better and better writer all the time. Had a fine description of the concert they had on Xmas night and a very enthusiastic bit of the part Elwin took in it. I wrote to Nain a week or so ago hope she had it alright will write again in a day or two in answer to this letter. I have not yet received the four bob Uncle Messach sent to me may tun up later. You don’t seem to have received the parcel you sent for my birthday. I had it about the end of November and have written to tell you several times. Diolch yn fawr yn wer am dano. We get spells of wet weather here now and it’s as cold as in Blighty we have just had a shower of hail stones a few minutes ago. I am hanging out in a bit of a cave for the few days I am down here. I must thank Mailys and Dyfan for their letters which they sent so regularly. You would not believe what a blessing a letter is to us chaps. There is some active service stripes being issues some time or other I will get three one for each year of active service. I may get the medal (MM) before long. I have the ribbon and wear it. I will send the medal on to you when I get it. Best love and best wishes to you all. Your Affectionate Son, Goronwy.