Dear Dyfan and Mailys (about turn I mean)

I am now giving myself the pleasure of writing to you in answer to the letters you have been sending me so regularly. They give me great pleasure in deed to receive them so I must say with all my heart Thank you very much indeed.really you would surprised if you could see how we all out here look forward for the mails. The letters we get act like a fine tonic on us and pick us up from down in the dumps up to the sky so you see how valuable letters are so mind you keep it up or I may get down in the dumps. I used to keep all my letters for a few months but I lost all I had on Dec 27th so you see the Turks may have enjoyed a few of your letters anyway. However I am afraid they were not much use to him whoever he was unless he could understand some of the Latin Dyfan sent in some of his letters. I am very glad from the information you both give me that young Glyndwr is progressing so well. I heard from Ethel that he walks and talks now is this correct. By Jove you both must be swanking now Aunt and Uncle Ah what? So see you keep him in training until I come home. By the way what do you think of this child with the MM Ah what? Wonders never cease do they. I hope you are both getting on in school. Stick it Welsh hope you still like the job. At present I am in the line but would much rather be in Pengam or Aber Council School. I hope I will get a chance of sending you some thing as a sort of souvenir from this country I will as soon as I get the chance. We don’t get into the towns even when we are close by or even billeted in one until we can get special leave which I have not had yet. I will be very glad indeed when all this strife is over and I can come home to dear old Aber once again it will be quite lively enough for me finish excitement for this child. I received a letter from the Young People’s Society on Feb 2nd dated Dec 17th it was signed by Dad and the letter addressed by Mailys and enclosed was a Xmas card from Miss M Evans will Mailys please thank her for it on my behalf as I forgot to mention it in my answer to the letter. Glad to hear that you both are giving Dad and Mom a hand on the allotment and so forth. I wish I was home to put a shoulder to the wheel. I have broken my false teeth and actually swallowed a coupe of teeth. I am going to get then mended at the first opportunity in the meantime I am letting my mouser grow to try and hide a bit of my gummy mouth proud I am not. I must pack up now paper finis. Best love and best wishes to you all.

Your Affectionate brother