Dear Dad and Mam

Just a line again to let you know that I am as per usual in the pink and A1 hope you all at home are there same. We are having a short spell of fine weather just now between the rainy season. It is really beautiful to have weather like it. I am at present up in the line so you may guess how thankful we chaps up here are for such weather. It is lovely and quiet here too except when shells come it seems a shame that such place should be disturbed by the explosion of shells. It’s like being for a walk in the country on a summer’s day it seems so quiet. One would not think of such a thing as war being in such quiet and peace. I don’t mean that the land about here is like our country for it is not. It’s nothing but steep rocky hills where I am, but I mean the peaceful quietness is just the same when it’s not disturbed as it very often is. When this war is over I don’t want anything more than to be in a nice quiet place like Aber and be at peace with everybody and everything. I wrote to Jon yesterday and also posted a letter I had written to you a few days before and one to Nain Jones and Uncle Messach. Hope you will get it alright. I have not received the four bob that Uncle sent me but it may turn up one of these fine days for all the mails have been delayed because of the stunt. I told you in a previous letter that I had got the MM it will be a reminder of the day when the Turks tried to retake Jerusalem on December 27th. I will never forget that day for particular reasons. How is Mailys progressing with her teaching hope she is still a keen as she used to be. she must be an awful knut with her 70 pounds a year. How much does she give Dyfan on a Saturday for pocket money. Tell her to let me know. Hope Dyfan is still going strong in school hope he will pass the Matric and Senior if he goes in for it this year. Good luck to him. I sent you a sort of Xmas card one from Bethlehem and the other from Jerusalem have you received them yet. Let me know when you do. I have not had a letter from you for about a fortnight the latest one dated Dec 7th, but that’s not so bad and I hope to have mail again in a few days. That last mail was an excellent one so I don’t grumble for the more I get the merrier. A good letter bag is as good as a tonic to me and I feel like one just now. Well I hope this war will soon be over and then I will be able to come home with and talk to you as much as we want. I guess we will all have a lot to say and ask when that day comes. So roll on duration. Do you believe that this is then war predicted in the Bible. I think it remains to be seen don’t you. This is my last bit of paper I have left so I will have to scrounge for some to write to you next time I must try hard for some as paper is very scarce up here just now as the canteens have not come up yet. According to the new rate of pay I will get 2/6 per day so that won’t be so bad ay? I wonder if the Government will pay my allotment for me if they don’t I will still keep it up so you must let me know as soon as possible if any difference is made in it. Has Howel had to join up yet let me know if I am the only soldier (bar Dyfan) in the family. My address is as per usual 241261 Corpl GC Roberts 159Bde Trench Mortar Battery EEF. Well I must wind up now again hoping you are all well, Mam give Glyndwr a kiss from me please till I can give him one myself. Best of love and best wishes to you all.

Your Affectionate Son


I was thinking of the 23 Psalm just now it’s very true indeed in my case.


The pictures below are the Psalm book that GCR carried with him in the field and the page open at Psalm 23 to which he refers.