Dear Dad and Mam

Just a line again to let you know that I am as per usual in the pink and feeling A1 once more hope you all at home can say the same. The weather has been better for the last two days and I hope it will keep up, It is not so bad here when it is fine so the longer it keeps up the better, but when it is wet it is very miserable indeed. I am at present in a village called in English Hill of God. The majority of the natives here speak some sort of English for they are nearly all Christians or supposed to be for I don’t call them Christians myself for they charge us some awful prices for oranges and figs which are the only things you can buy here. In peacetime the American Mission was here and they had an English school they have done some very good work here in that respect. The people here have crosses marked over the doors of their houses to show they are Christians some have the front of their houses plastered with crosses I don’t know if they are any better Christians for that do you think so. There is a Greek Orthodox church here and two or three others as well but I can’t say what they are. I am back here resting I came out of the line three days ago and am expecting to pay it another visit any day now. I wrote to you last week and enclosed a letter I received from the DMO in it hope you have received it by now, let me know. I met Dai Thomas who used to live with the Griffins at Aber the other day he is in the 4th Welsh. He was flabbergasted to see me with stripes and MM and so forth he has had a long spell in Blighty and was never on the peninsular, he had dysentery at Alexandria and went home from there. Some chaps are lucky in getting home, but as long as my health keeps as good as it has been I don’t think I have cause to grumble. I would very much like to get a chance of coming home to see you all but roll on duration I say and then I can come home to stay. Lew is not back with the battalion yet. Don’t know where he is I expect he will be back soon though because he only had a slight one. I was told that Jack Williams has landed in Blighty and has had his leg off he is very unfortunate. How is Mailys and Dyfan getting on hope they are both quite well. Padre Davies has gone to hospital a week or two ago run down he has had a trying time all round I think. The officers of my company with the batt congratulated me for having the MM the other day they seem quite pleased that it is the 5th Welsh got the first decoration in the divisional TMB. I don’t feel extra pleased with myself for I would not like to have the same experience again for a bucket of MMs. How is Jon, Mag and Glyndwr getting on give them my love. Hope they are in the best of health. I have no more to say just now. Best love and best wishes to you all.

I am, Your loving son,