Dear Dad and Mam

Just a line to let you know that I am quite alright and feeling in the pink as usual hope you all at home can say the same. I am expecting a mail in today and am living in hopes of getting a letter from you and possibly the parcel may turn up, hope so and then I shall consider myself in great luck. We are having very queer weather just now it is raining while I am writing this and has been off and on for the last two days. It is also much colder now for we are up in the hills. The rain does one good thing and that is it damps the dust. This is an awful country for dust and flies almost as bad as Mudros and the Pen (The Gallipoli Peninsula). If you were out here and saw the country as it has been all this summer you would agree with me that there is nothing holy about it. Well what do you think of things now do you think that this war is looking any better now, it was a pity the Italians had to retire but I hope they will make up for it. We have had good news from France and Meso (Mesopotamia) . General Haig has done fine. This affair out here will be a feather in Allenby’s cap don’t you think so everybody seems to have great confidence in him he is no feather bed soldier. Has Mrs Morgan heard from Lew yet he was going to write as soon as he got to his destination it was in the clearing station I saw him. I have not got much to say for myself this journey but by the way what has become of Austin have not heard anything about him for a long time is he still soldiering in Blighty or where. I seems queer to me that’s he is a B1 or 2 man and I am A1 and hope to keep so, I should think by when I was home he was a fitter man than I was but I am glad I am not a Derbyite or conscript for one is as bad as the other. Where does Hughie Cooper stay now I should think he has got a decent job now after being on that course please give my kind regards to Mrs Cooper hope he is good health. Hope Dad  enjoyed himself in Cefn and Abergele I would not mind being with him there does he remember the holiday we had up there together I do well. Could do with a holiday to Blighty now alright but I am afraid there is no hopes while this stunt is on may be a chance after it’s over. Well I am going to have a half time as Mailys and Dyfan do but not for dinner or tea but to see what the mail brings forth.  HALFTIME

Well as here I am again as M and D say  but I must own that my half time has been longer than theirs usually is but it was unavoidable. Today is the 23rd. In the first place it rained so heavy that we got drowned out of our bivouac which only consists of two cotton sheets to keep the sun off so you see what our house is like it also rained all night and my joints are very sore now hope I don’t get rheumatic but the rum issue kept a little of the cold out. It only amounts to three tablespoons 1/8th of a pint so you see a chap does not get very drunk on that much. The rain has stopped now thank goodness and the sun is out fine not too hot. It was quite an experience getting wet not having had one for such a long time it did one very good thing and that was to damp the dust which was an awful nuisance. I am sorry to say that no mail has arrived yet, hard luck ay ? I hope the parcel come when the mail does arrive I do hate to think that things you have sent go lost so often. Well Xmas will be here in a month and it will be my third one abroad and my fourth from home I do hope I will be home long before the fifth comes around. I wish I could send you a Xmas card but seeing there are no shops in Palestine I don’t think there is much chance, but if I can get one I will send it to you. I have not heard anything about JW Williams from Walter St but will try and find out if he is alright. You need not worry about me for as I told you before my luck is always in I am at Battery HQ so I am quite alright everything in the garden’s lovely and I look after the ammo supply so you see there is no need for worry on my account. By the way has W Burton Charles St arrived home yet let me know he told me in his letter he was coming to see you. Hope Mailys and Dyfan are in the best of health by Jove Mailys is in luck getting that raise she must be an awful toff I will not know either of them when I come home. With Mailys with her hair up and long skirts and Dyfan in long trousers really the world is getting quite tops turvy. As for myself I don’t think I have altered much for I still feel 18 don’t know if it’s a good or bad sign for I don’t feel any the worse for it. Then there is Glyndwr I shall require an introduction to that young gentleman not having seen him. I did not think I should ever be an uncle and not see my first nephew till he is at least over twelve months old. Give my love to Jon and Mag have not heard from them since about Sept their letters must be bewitched or something of the sort but of course this next mail bring forth some thing. I have been thinking a bit lately of putting in for a commission for I am sure I could pass out at the six weeks course that they get before getting one but I see it would get mean the allotment being stopped and I won’t do that at any rate and as the war can’t last much longer I think I will be just as well off as I am don’t you think so. Let me know what you think of it, but is I was to go in for a commission I would stick to the Army for it would be worth while. My address is still 241261 Corpl GC Roberts 159 Bde LTM Battery EEF. Well I have not got any more to say just now. Am anxiously waiting for a letter from you. Dad had not written for some weeks but I know he would if he was not very busy. We solong now, again hoping you are all in the best of health I am A1 and in the pink. Best love and best wishes to you all.

I remain Your Affectionate Son