Dear Dad and Mam

Just a line again to let you know that I am as per usual in the pink hope you all at home can say the same. I wrote a long letter to you two days ago also to Jon hope will receive them alright. I have not got any news to tell you and I hardly know what to write . If you don’t get a letter from me for a week or two don’t get alarmed I will write as often as possible. Give my love to Mailys and Dyfan hope they are getting on alright. I hope to get a few letters waiting me when I get back to the battery have not had any for a few weeks. Sept 9 was the last. well my address is as usual 241261 Corpl GC Roberts 159th Bde TM battery EEF. Hope Jon and Mag and Glyn are in good health. Give my love to them. Will write as soon as possible again. Best love and wishes to you all.

Your Affectionate Son



This letter is rushed and has the tone of a soldiers “last letter”. Nothing he can write about, but he was no doubt well aware of the big push to come. Concentration of troops for the 3rd Battle of Gaza has been going on for over a week. All that training will soon be tested.