Dear Dad and Mam

Just a line again to let you know that I am as per usual in the pink hope you can say the same. There was a mail in yesterday but I did not receive a letter from you only one from Aunty Polly but better luck next time. I received another letter from Burton in Cairo he tells me he has written to you. I have not seen Mr AW Davies for some time have been up to the batt a few times but have been unable to see him. Lew is alright and wishes to be remembered to you. I was reading the Cardiff Times or SW Weekly News and read the account of the meeting held in LLandrinodd Wells by Welsh pacifists. The only speaker there with a bit of common is Rev Morgan Jones of Whitland. That a lot of men supposed to have a good amount of brains should gather in a place of worship and whine because there is a war on and would go and shake hands with the Germans even now. Some of the resolutions they passed show what a lot of weak kneed skulks they are. Was glad to see that the deacons of the church where the meeting was held chucked them out. I would like to know if any of the speakers in this meeting had any sons or relatives at the front or had been killed. I saw EK Jones of Cefn Mawr’s name in the paper has been giving an address on Postion of COs (conscientious objectors). They are not worth talking about. The account of this is in the Sept 8th paper. You may know more about it than me. Hope Dad does not bother with such weak kneed creatures as pacifists if he does he is on the side of the right and not the weak kneed lot. Principal Rees of Bangor seems to have quite a lot to say in this meeting is he a CO or too old to fight. I would like to attend a pacifist peace meeting if it did not end in pieces I would have a good try at it. There is no one wants peace more than we do but not peace at any price but peace at our price. Well hope Dad enjoyed himself at Abergele and Cefn have not heard from him since he has been there hope he found all his friends alright. I was on the sick this morning had four small boils on my neck but had MD (medicine and duty) you know what that is don’t you so you see it’s not bad but they are rotten things. I think it’s the bully (tinned corned beef)that does it we have had quite a lot of it lately (much quice) (no good). How is Mailys getting on with her teaching hope she keeps on liking it. Hope Dyfan is doing alright now this term he ought to pass flyingthis term. Hope the Army don’t bother him what age is Badin Morgan and they boys that have been called up let me know. Hope Jon Mag and Glyndwr are in good health give my love to them all. My address is still 241261 Copl GC Roberts 159th Bde Trench Mortar Battery E.E.F. How much longer do you think this war will last. I think next spring should see it all over. Well Mam our birthday will roll round in 10 days more so I must again wish you Many happy returns of the Day and hope to be home for next birthday. Well I must wind up now Best love and best wishes to you all.

Your Affectionate Son



This may be the newspaper to which GCR is referring, it certainly describes a lively peace meeting in Llandrindod Wells.