Dear Mam, Mailys and Dyfan

Just a line in answer to your letters dated Sept 9 which I received about five minutes ago and I feel I must answer it at once. Diolch yn fawr am dano. Very glad indeed to hear you are all in good health that’s the style I am as per usual in the pink and A1 which is my category (I think that is what they call it). I did not think that Glyndwr was a year old yet time is going very quick indeed. Please give him many happy returns of the day on my behalf. I wrote to Jon last week but did not know Glyndwr’s birthday was so soon. I also wrote to you yesterday hope you have received all the letters I send for I make it a point of writing about twice a week so that you can get letters pretty often. You say that J Willie is home on leave and is a lance jack too, what promotion and with three years service in too. I don’t think he will stand much chance of a commission. What regiment is he in let me know. Surprised to hear that the boys you (Mailys) mention in your letter have had calling up papers. I thought all colliers were exempt from compulsory military service. They had hardly left school when I was home but of course I forget time has gone so quickly. Hope Dyfan will enjoy himself on his trip to Barry Island and Mam too. Did Mam go to Swansea for a holiday after let me know it would do her a great deal of good I am sure if she went. I saw Lew last night he is alright and wishes to be remembered to you all. I also saw Tudor Dodd he is alright and wishes to be remembered to you also. We are having decent weather just now at least it is not quite so hot. The wet season will not be long coming now. Last year it was very wet and I had a wet shirt more than once as we were in dugouts with my only waterproof sheet over the top but if the water collected on it down it would come and then a wet blanket. When it does rain here it does not forget to come down in buckets. Hope Dyfan will pass the Senior next year at least he will have a very good chance especially if he works hard. When do you think this war will be over. I think myself that next spring should see it all over, but what makes us chaps fed up is the way some of the people at home come out on strike and talk rot about no reprisals and shout about peace at any price. What do they know about it. If some of the conscientious objectors or conscientious cowards I call them and Ramsey McDonald and his crew had to do a bit of the scrapping they would be entitled to shout a bit but they don’t only make themselves a general nuisance to people who have a bit of guts in them. How are things going in Abertysswg hope it is still in the same place. I am writing this on the 5th had no time to finish it before and have had a hard grueling rather between stunts and route marches and I have felt pretty tired after them, too tired to write at that. I had a bit of good news yesterday the 1st Class proficiency pay I told you about has come through and dated back to May 1st so I now get 6d instead of 3d per day proficiency pay. Have you seen the new rates of pay. Proficiency pay is to be paid after 6 months service instead of 2 years as I had to wait to it so that is where conscripts get the advantage of us. There is a penny a day for the first year of service, 2d for 2nd and 3d for the third so if they give us the back money I will have 9 pounds in credit that will be alright too don’t you think so. If they don’t pay back money I will be having 4d extra because I will be starting on my 4th year in the Army after the 15th of this month. So you see I am quite an old sweat now at least older than I bargained for. I was up at the battalion the other day and told Lew about Badin getting his papers he was very surprised at it. He is in good health and wishes to be remembered to you. I had a letter from Burton in Cairo yesterday he received my letter just as he was writing to Dad, he tells me of a couple of Abertysswg chaps down there. Hope Jon, Mag and Glyndwr are in good health have you taught the latter to walk yet and to talk too let me know his progress in these two important subjects. My address is still 241261 Corpl GC Roberts 159 Bde Trench Mortar Battery E.E.F. Hope you are receiving my letters alright. Hope Dad enjoyed himself up in Cefn and Abergele let me know. Best love and best wishes to you all.

Yours Affectionately