Dear Dad and Mam

Just a line again to let you know that I am as per usual in the pink and feeling A1 hope you all at home can say the same as that. I wrote to you a few days ago in answer to the bumper mail I received from you hope you have had it before now. I have answered Burton’s letter now. You will be surprised to hear that I met two Abertysswg chaps this week one is Jack LLewylyn from Alex St and the other Jack Williams next to the post office they were surprised when they saw me. They both are in good health and wish to be remembered to you as they know Dad. They don’t like this country and I am not surprised either for I am no lover of it myself and have that more of it too. They were surprised to hear that I have been out 26 months. I am inches bigger than either of them. Lewis Morgan saw them too he is alright and wishes to be remembered to you. He told me about two nights ago that he had not had a letter from home for a long time, but the queer thing about is that he gets all the parcels that have been sent. I have been back from the course at El Arish for over a week now I had the following marks Trench warfare three exams 40/50 46/50 50/50 average 91%. Trench mortars three exams 49/50 46/50 48/50 average 96% let me know what you think of this result I had a practical exam also and had VG for that no marks were given. Tell Jon that I am not quite so dull as I used to be at least I hope not in case I am. Well have you been on your holidays yet if so I hope you will enjoy them thoroughly. J Williams told me he was in Aber last Easter and therefore I have come to the conclusion that it is still in the same place which is good news indeed therefore I will be able to find it when I come home. Do you know that I have been three years in the Army on the 15th of next month (Oct). I never  thought I would have half that time in but I must say time has gone very quick indeed don’t you think so. I shall not be sorry for the time when this war will be over and I am home again. We are not having a bad time now by any means and I am not grousing. I went and saw Tudor Dodd the other night he has had a letter from Albert please tell Maggie so was very glad to get it. He sends his best respects to you all. He is a very decent chap indeed is Tudor. We are now back resting have been out of the trenches a few weeks now and no loss after them either, not over fond of them myself. I am camped in a fig tree plantation and have had a few fine feeds of figs, climb up into a tree and slash into all the ripe figs that are about and my word fresh ripe figs are miles before the dried ones you get in Blighty but still I would rather  be eating figs in England after all. Was it not in a fig garden that Samson slew the lion, where is it say that, have a look. How is Jon and Mag and that young nephew of mine getting on tell Mam to give him a kiss from me. I would like to see him very much. Give my love to them. Please remember me to Mr Cooper hope Hughie is getting on alright. Have all the strikes in England finished yet it’s time they did. My word it should make any young chap who is fit or unfit be ashamed to show his face anywhere to see young women going out to France as an auxiliary army corps. If they are exempted they ought to make a rush and get into the Army for very shame’s sake. I would not like to be one of them chaps home now quatting away as starred men. There is plenty of wounded and unfit men to do the jobs a good many of them have. I would like to have a conscientious object in my squad he would be unconscious in a short time at least I would have a good try, conscious cowards I think they are and yet people in England tolerate such things. Don’t think I am unfair to them for I don’t think I am. My address is 241261 Corpl GC Roberts 159 Bde Trench Mortar battery EEF. I hope Dyfan will pass the Senior CWB. Good luck to him. has he had a letter from B Fry lately. Well I have no more to say now. Hope Mailys is still going strong. Best of love best wishes to you all.

I remain, Your affectionate Son



GCR was forgetting his Sunday school lessons: Judges 14:5  “Then Samson went down to Timnah with his father and mother, and came as far as the vineyards of Timnah; and behold, a young lion came roaring toward him.” No doubt the Reverend J Roberts, his father, would have check the text in this, his Welsh Bible.