Dear Dad and Mam Mailys and Dyfan etc

I am pleased to tell you that I received the letter from Dad and Dyfan dated Aug 11th and was very glad indeed to get it. I also received two Baptist Times thanks very much for them. Very glad to hear that you are all well at home and that Mailys is quite alright again. I am as per usual in the pink and feeling up to the nines. By Jove Dyfan is getting a rich man all at once he is getting more splosh than I had I am afraid the shop won’t see me again it will go very much against the grain going there and getting so little. I read the bit of Express you enclosed in the letter. It was very interesting Glyndwr is having his name in print very soon. There is one thing I don’t agree with in that paper I don’t believe in people bothering with such things as Liberals and Conservatives or any politics. It’s the politicians who have kept the war on all this time. I thought there was no party politics in war time that everyone was too concerned in winning the war. It takes an army and navy to win a war. Well I have not got much to say this time but will write again soon. My address is still 241261 Corpl GC Roberts 159 Bde Trench Mortar Battery EEF. Glad to hear Nain is coming down South hope she will enjoy herself. Hope Mam will have a good time in Swansea. Well I must wind up now. Have had two exams this morning. Best love and wishes to you all. Your Affectionate Son, Goronwy.