Dear Dad and Mam

Well here I am again once more writing to you hoping this letter will find you all in the pink in health and spirits I feel both and so the sun still shines. I received a letter last mail from Jon and I was very glad indeed to get it. It seems that his letters have been fearfully unlucky and yours have been extremely fortunate thank goodness for that. When I read Jon’s letter I strafed the Kaiser and his tin fish, I bet his ears tingled for the time I was strafing. I also had a letter from Ethel a very decent letter too. I was glad to hear that Nain is so much better and thinking of coming down this year again it will do her good I am sure. I will write to her soon. I wrote a few weeks ago to her before hope she has had it by now. Well do you think the war will be over by October I would like to be home for my twenty first birthday very much but I am afraid it is no use wishing all the same. I have given up guessing when this will be over and content myself with the positive fact that it cannot last forever. I am still on the course we had our  first two exams yesterday but have only had the result of one of them yet. I had 49 out of 50 no so bad Eh what? I am expecting the marks for the other exam out any time today will let you know what I get. Jon said in his letter that wonders never cease or words to that effect and that I had never had a distinguished for anything in my natural and here I have broke my record twice and had a d twice. Jon is quite right wonders never do cease. I hope to pull off a pass at least on this course. The fact is I want to beat a couple of chaps who have been down here before and I have got a good start. Jon seems to be very proud of Glyndwr well I don’t blame him especially after  him having that first prize. Glyndwr has started winning first prizes very early in life I only hope he will keep doing so all along the line. Well I hope Mam has enjoyed her holiday at Swansea and had a jolly good time. What did Mam think of the wounded swaddies she saw at New Tredegar I don’t suppose there were any there from out this way. Is Dad going for a holiday this year or is he staying at home. Jon tells me this war bread is a trial. It must be queer tack, I am glad to say we get white bread all the time and we have not had to do without sugar either so I think we are better off than a good many people in Blighty. My address is 241261 Corpl GC Roberts 159 Brigade Trench Mortar Battery EEF. How did Mailys  and Dyfan get off in their exams let me know. Well it’s not much I have got to say this time so I must wind up. Will write again soon. Best love and best wishes to you all.

I am Your Affectionate Son