Dear Dad and Mam

Just a line to let you know that I am as per usual in the pink hope you all at home are the same. I am down on the course I told you about and my word there is plenty of work attached to it. Ask Dyfan or Mailys would they like to have a job as clerk to me for three weeks for there is plenty of writing to do. Have only been on it two days as yet and have already done a tremendous amount of writing. We have to attend lectures and take notes and then copy the notes and enlarge on them in our notebooks in our own time. So you see I am pretty busy for the present. I am down by the sea I can’t tell you where but away from Jonny. It’s a treat to be able to bathe in the sea every day I enjoy it a great deal. I had not had a wash for over a week till I came here and water is a great thing to be able to wallow in. I have not got much to say this time but I am sure you will excuse me writing a long letter. I will write you as often as I can anyway. Lewis Morgan was alright when I saw him he has gone for a week in the rest camp. I came out of the trenches down here what a change great no bobbing your napper down here had been in three weeks. I saw Tudor Dodd up there he is alright. I saw Bernard Fry last week he is alright. I told him Dyfan wanted to leave school and I think he was going to write to him. He said that Dyfan was very foolish if he left. He said he thought that it was men with a good education will be wanted when this war will be over and I think the same myself. He came through the scrapping alright. He wishes to be remembered to you all. Well it’s time for another parade and I must wind up I wrote to you a few days ago before, one letter for each of you hope you will get it alright. I received your letters dated July 15 and 25 alright and one from Auntie Annie written by Mailys dated Aug 8 that has come in very good time. My address is still 241261 Corpl GC Roberts 159 Brigade Trench Mortar battery EEF. Well I must say solong hope Jon, Mag and Glyndwr are alright also that Mailys and Dyfan are in the pink. Hope dad and Mam are fighting fit. I must close Best love and best wishes to you all. Your affectionate Son,