Dear Mailys

Thank you very much for your nice letters which I am receiving very regularly hope you are having mine the same. I can tell you that I look forward to all your letters very much in fact they are the only thing I have to look forward to and peace proclaimed. So you have left Hengoed by when you get this letter are you sorry to go. What a difference there is in you now and when you first went there. I should like to see you all very much. There may be a chance for leave later on but the leave I want is to come home to stay. Hope you will pass your exams successfully and will also get your post as teacher. Just fancy you being a full blown teacher only a short time ago you were in the council school yourself. Hope I haven’t insulted you by saying so but time has flown. You say you are 5ft 4 and Dyfan is 5ft 6. I am only about 5ft 8 or 9 myself and only weigh 13st. Well I must wind up now.

Best love and wishes from your brawd


xxxxxx   Not sloppy ones


Hengoed Intermediate School for Girls (opened 1900)