Dear Dyfan

Very glad indeed to get your nice letter and to see you are sticking like glue to your promise that’s the style. Promises are not made to be broken as some people say and I am glad you have not broken yours. I hope you will pass your senior CWB with distinction and even if you don’t do as Dad wants you to do and go in for your Matriculation you can always leave school but you can’t go back that is the worst part of it. I wish I had your chance now I guess I would make use of it. It is surprising how a little education helps no matter what you go in for. So I hope you will stick for all you are worth to it. Hope you will enjoy yourself on national service and have a good time. No doubt it will be hard work but it will do you good. A change of work is as good as a rest they say. How are the cadets going on are you still in them. I have no more to say just now only I will have to grow a bit more or you will beat me yet. Are you as big as Jon let me know.

Best love and wishes

from Dy frawd



This is not the first reference to the family at home doing national service or war work. So far I can’t find much about it other than to replacing called up agricultural workers.