Dear Mailys and Dyfan

I have much pleasure in writing and letting you know that I have received your two letters dated July 8 and 10 respectively and to know that you are in good health. I am pleased to say I am keeping as usual in the pink. I was also glad to see by Mailys’ letter that you have received a letter from me not long ago and i hope you have had several others by now for I do hope it is not correct what that man said, that you had not received a letter from me for some considerable time. Well I see you have had the Sunday School teas. What is a tea fight like I have about forgotten. I won’t be sorry when I can come home and be able to go to one once more. I really hope to be home for the next one you have I should like to have been there very much and had a game of kiss in the ring etc glad to hear you enjoyed yourselves. Fancy Mailys keeping a table ah. I guess Mam is getting knocked out of a job. Only a few years ago Mailys was a small girl in short skirts and long pigtails and now she has long skirts and her hair up. Buck up Mam bach, rise and shine. I should like to have seen Mam running in the egg and spoon race or playing kiss in the ring I bet she can beat many a one yet. My word fancy how the time has flown I can hardly realize things have gone so quick what do you say. How did Dad behave himself during the evening hope he did not play kiss in the ring but stuck to his old job as usual and threw sweets and pennies about for the youngsters to scramble for. How did Dyfan get off in the scrum hope he picked up a few sweets or is he getting too big a chap for that game now. Hope he managed his first day’s exams alright that the tea fight did not divert his brain from the work on hand. My word that Latin of yours Dyfan fairly took my breath away. Don’t send any more of it it’s worse than shell shock. You must consider that my poor mind cannot grasp the great problems of Latin as your mighty brain does. Lewis Morgan is alright saw him a few days ago. Have not seen B Fry for some months will let you know if I see him. I had a letter from Auntie Polly with the same mail as yours came a very nice letter to. I see Mam made a nice frock for Mafanwy very good of her indeed. I don’t know how Auntie keeps going on so little as she earns. She must be up against things pretty rough although she has not said anything to me about it. Well I hope Jon and Mag and Glyn are alright, did they walk out. How many cups of tea did Glyn drink and did he pinch any cake. I hope Dyfan showed him a good example and did not do so himself. My address is 241261 Corpl GC Roberts 159 Bde Trench Mortar Battery EEF. Well I hope you are all keeping fit I wrote a letter to Dad and Mam yesterday hope they have received it. Will write again soon. Am in the fire line.

Best love and best wishes to you all.

Your affectionate brawd



At this point GCR’s sister Mailys is 18 and Dyfan is 16.