Dear Dad and Mam

Just a line again to let you know that I am as usual in the pink hoping all you at home are the same. I wrote to you a few days ago hope you have received that letter before now. I wrote to Jon and Mag yesterday hope they  will get it alright because I don’t get their letters at all. I can’t understand what is the matter with them that I don’t receive their letters and I yet I get all yours alright. I told you in my last epistle that I had received a letter from Mam and Dyfan and written in answer to them. I suppose Dad is still keeping pretty busy as usual. Is he one of the leaders of the temperance campaign in Rhymney I guess there will be no need for it by the way things are going on. There will be no beer brewed only for the Army and munition workers. I was reading in the South Wales Weekly News that Lt E King from Rhymney had been killed in France he was in Pengam County school when I was there, only in one form higher. I have not seen Bernard Fry for some months as we are up in the line. I think he is alright. I also saw in the S Wales that the Baptists of West Wales want the Government to take the first chance they have of making peace. They must be a poor lot. We would all like to see peace coming but not at any price. When do you think it will end. This year? Next year? Or sometime? but there is one consolation it can’t last forever. How is Mailys and Dyfan getting on I expect they will be breaking up for the summer holidays soon. Is Mailys going to do some national service? Hope Dyfan will pass his Senior CWB exam this year it’s a good job he is not so daft as me. I would like to have my time over again at Pengam. I guess I would make a better shape on things, but everyone says that. The weather here is still very hot I am glad when evening comes it’s the best part of the day nice and cool then. You know my address is changed now it’s 241261 Corpl GC Roberts 159 Brigade Trench Mortar Battery. E.E.F. I have written to Nain Jones as I hear she is not near well for some time hope she is better now. How would Dad like to come to Palestine for a trip I expect he would be disappointed if he saw it of course it may be alright in the cultivated districts but is quite desolate round here expect for a few plantations here and there. Must wind up now. Best love and best wishes to you all.

I am Your affectionate Son



Since the failure of the Second Battle of Gaza, the Sinai/Palestine front had settled into trench warfare will little movement of the lines. The other significant event was the replacement of General Murray as CIC by General Allenby.

July of 1917 was famously hot with many casualties from heat illness on both the Sinai and Mesopotamian fronts. Later in life GCR used to describe it as “120 degrees in the shade and no shade”.