Dear Dad and Mam

I am very pleased to be able to tell you that I received your letters dated May 14th one from Mam one Mailys also one from Dyfan. I can tell you I was very very pleased to get them. I am very glad to hear that you are all in the best of health I am feeling and looking in the pink. I don’t seem able to reduce my weight in the least in fact I seem to get fatter all the time at least the chaps here tell me so. So you see I don’t worry myself much about anything for you know that worry is supposed to be a great weight reducer. The weather is very hot out here now. we never wear tunics in the day time and have not worn long trousers since I have been in Egypt not even last winter. How would Dyfan like to have to go out in the winter in football nicks, not of course there is a great difference in the winter here and at home. I was out in a bit of a village this morning or what used to be one and there were several almond nut trees and plenty of nuts on the too, big ones. They were alright, there were also fig trees and grape vines there but there was no fruit on them. The worst of this place is that either it is very hot and sultry or if there is a breeze there is plenty of dust flying about with it. You are asking about the parcel in your latter, yes it arrived alright as I told you in a letter I wrote as soon as I got back to the batt, Diolch yn fawr am dano (Welch). That was what Mam wrote after a bit of Welsh she put in her letter. Hope I have spelt this Welsh right. You must still keep excusing my writing as my thumb is still sore. The amount of iodine put on the sore and around it has burnt all the skin on my thumb and causing it all to peel. I was very sorry indeed to hear of poor Mrs Davies (barber) very hard lines indeed. Lewis Morgan had the account in a letter he had from Ben Hughes. Lew is alright he wishes to be remembered to you. He had a parcel with the last mail with two writing pads in it he gave me one and I am writing on it now. it was just what I wanted or else I would be writing to you on cigarette paper or cardboard next letter or two. Very glad to hear that Glyndwr is getting on so fine I wish I could see him, by Dyfan’s account of him he will be in his cricket team shortly. Now for a bit from Mam’s letter, you needn’t fear that I will make myself miserable I know how chaps are who make themselves miserable. I know that this war can’t last for ever and there’s a silver lining to every cloud and I also know that I have a good home to come back to perhaps many have not got that. So you see I should not have anything to be down hearted about. I hope the time is not far off when I can come home and be a bit of help to you. I won’t say again for I was no help then only a rotten worry. Sorry that Mailys can’t go to college this year perhaps she will have a chance next year instead. It’s pretty hard lines Dyfan can’t start to teach just because he is a few weeks too young. Does Mailys wallop the youngsters in school much hope she still remembers the time when she was liable to get a tanning from the teacher. Hope Dyfan’s House will win the league. I was doing some bombing with rifle bombs today but only practice mind. We are still in the reserve had a good spell. My address is still 3144 Corpl GC Roberts C Coy 1/5th Welsh Regt EEF. Give my love to Jon Mag and Glyn hope the handkerchief will arrive alright I must wind up now will write again soon. Best love and best wishes to you all. I am Your loving Son,