Dear Dad and Mam

Just a line again to let you know that I am alright and feeling in the pink hope you all at home are the same. I am feeling 100 F more pinky now than I did day before yesterday because I had a slight dose of diarrhea and had to march about ten miles into the bargain and it was not very encouraging I can tell you and I am fearfully glad it’s gone. I think I told you before that I am a qualified bomber. Here is a bit more news for you I am now on a course of instruction in Stokes Gun and Trench Howitzers and it’s not a bad course so far quite interesting. What I like is to fire them there is a bit of fun in that. I fired a rifle grenade for the first time last week it’s not a bad game. Ask Dyfan how he would like to do it. So you see I am getting quite a jack of all trades and master of some of them too. Lewis Morgan was alright when I left him a few days ago and wishes to be remembered to you. Now for some more news. I had a good feed yesterday some tin peaches in milk, cake and sausage, what do you think of this. I bought it in the YMCA canteen so you see the YMCA follows the everywhere. I can tell you they are very popular out in the desert. Well how is Jon Mag and Glyn getting on? Hope Jon is quite alright now hope he feels in the pink like myself and he won’t be far wrong. Hope Mag has lost her catarrh by now. Now for his Majesty Glyn how is he hope he is pinky also I guess he will be toddling about by when I come home I shall be quite frightened of him he might boss me about one never knows. I should like to see him very much being my one and only nephew. The weather here is very hot now particularly before noon but with all the heat I don’t seem to be getting any thinner it’s fatter I am getting all the time. There was a chap came back to the batt a few months ago from Blighty who went back from the Penninsula and he would not believe that the sergeant he was then speaking to was the small youngster he left behind a small hayrick wounded. So you see I am none the worse for wear and tear. Two years from Blighty will be up next month on the 17th. Time is going on don’t you think so. Roll on duration. Best love and best wishes to you all.

I am Your loving Son