Dear Dad and Mam

Just a line again to let you know that I am alright and feeling in the pink all the time. Hope you are all the same at home. I wrote to you a few days ago hope you have received it before now. I was out on working  parties last night and we were passing through a wadi and there was a noise like many flocks of sheep braying and what do you think was kicking up all the noise only thousands of frogs croaking. With all the work parties we do now I will be a fine navvy by when I come home I can use the shovel with the next. I have had the no of my group put on my pay book and its Group 37 Draper but I don’t think this will effect us coming home I think we will all come home together don’t you think so. Let me know your verdict on this group system. All colliers are Group 3. But don’t worry I will be home as soon as the rest or else I will want to know the reason why. I am not a Derbyite or a conscript. Now here is something that will interest you but it makes me feel proud of the company I am in. Three of my coy have had the Military Medal. In the battalion two have had DCM’s. The Adjutant has had the DSO. The signal Officer has had a Military Cross. You remember me saying that Mr AW Davies our Chaplain has done some fine work in carrying and attending wounded well he has had a Military Cross we were all particularly pleased to hear of it because we all liked and respected Mr Davies before the fight but the boys think a lot more of him now. He carried half a dozen ……. (?). So you see the 5th Welch have done well up here 8 honours is not bad for one fight. Well I have no more news for you this time. Hope Jon and Mag Mailys Dyfan and Glyn are alright. Best love and best wishes to you all.

I am 

Your loving Son

Goronwy LCpl