Dear  Dad and Mam

Just a line to let you know that I am as per usual in the pink and getting on alright hope you all at home are the same. I have been back with the battalion for about a week now and am still a Lance Corpl but am expecting the the other to come out soon. If it does not come out soon I am going to throw the other one in  I don’t intend to make myself cheap for them. If I was good enough to hold three I think I can hold two. We get plenty of hard work here but that makes me sleep like a top I have found out there is nothing like hard work for a night cap. We go out at night up to the trenches on working parties and do four hours hard graft. Last night we were up we had to keep our heads down to Mother Earth or mother sand as it is here for Jonny felt pretty lively. I was not sorry when I dug a few feet down below level ground. I had a letter dated May 1st from Auntie Annie yesterday will answer it later. Mr Davies is still here with us I have only just come from church parade Mr Davies preached  very good he preached about the sun shining through dark clouds. I hope Mam’s back is better by now and that the hoarseness in Dad’s voice is gone by now. Tell Mam to buck up it won’t be long before this war will be over we had some good news today and I can see the sun shining through the clouds now. They are putting the no. of groups we will be in for demobilization on our pay books colliers are group 3 goodness knows what group I will be in about 18 I think but I don’t worry about that as soon as the war is over I soon settle with that. You must not worry if I don’t write my letters so long as usual because it’s  not very convenient to do so and there is not much to say but you can see-end I will write as often as possible if it’s only to say I am alright. Hope Jon is better these days and feeling himself again. Hope Mag and Glyn are also alright I often wonder about how big will Glyn be when I come home. Hope Mailys and Dyfan are in the pink I wrote a long letter to Mailys hope she has had it before this. What about a letter from Dyfan tell him to think it over for it’s a lot more easy for him to write than me. I am sitting on the sand leaning against a sand bag writing this. Tell him to let me know how he is getting on in the cadets. Is he a NCO yet if I was home I could give home a good many points. Lewis Morgan is alright and wishes to be remembered to you he does not hate many letters from home. I sent you a Turkish and Greek testament when I was in Cairo in the school of instruction did you get them you never told me. We had a nasty sand storm and heat wave yesterday and last night when I woke up this morning I. Was pretty near buried in sand its very unpleasant I can tell you. I am feeling like a horse once more and as fit as a fiddle. All the septics have gone and my skin is as clear as a baby’s one more. I have no more to say just now will write as soon as I can again. Best love and best wishes to you all.

I am

Your loving Son