Dear Dad and Mam

Just a line to let you know that I am alright and feeling in the pink hope you are all the same at home. I wrote a letter a few days ago to Mam and Mailys in answer for the one I had from them hope they have received it before now. I am enclosing three post cards with views I have seen hope you will like them. Mam was asking in her letter if Tudor Doddwas alright. He came through the first lot alright but do not know how he is now. I met a chap from Cardiff last week he said he had seen me before but I don’t remember seeing him. I went to a nonconformist service on Wednesday afternoon there was only eight there not enough to make a noise. There is a great difference to that up with the batt. How are things going on at Abertysswg has it increased in size a great deal. I would not mind coming home to work on Dad’s allotment or plot what do you call them? I would like the job of planting the spuds for you. What do you think of the suggestion. When do you think this war will be over some say Aug should see it through. I should like to be home for my 21 birthday anyway. It will be pretty rotten if I am not. How is Jon and Mag and Glyn getting onhope they are in good health. Give them my best love. Hope Mailys and Dyfan are alright tell Dyfan to buck up and write, Mailys wrote last time. Is he a sergt major in the Cadets yet tell him to let me know and what hopes he has got. Well I have no more to say just now will write again soon.

Best love and best wishes to you all

I am

Your loving Son