Dear Dad and Mam

Just a line to let you know that I am alright and feeling in the pink hope you are all the same at home for there is nothing like being in the pink. Have you had the letters I sent you from hospital hope you have for I was writing about four times a week to you. I am still in a detail camp waiting to go up to the batt and I am pretty cetain that I will rejoin this week. I can tell you the Welch made a name for themselves this time there are only two batts of us so you must excuse me if you think I am crowing but is worth crowing for as we captured the Jonny’s divisional staff. I have now heard that Lew Morgan is alright up there. I think there must have been something providential in me having to go to dock a few days before the scrap I had no idea it was coming or so so soon and I should like to have been in it, but I know what you say. Where is Hughie Cooper now is he still in Ireland, you were saying he would be coming out here next time. Let me know. I wrote to Dai Williams last week have forgotten to do so before. But it’s as much as a chap can do to write to his own family regularly especially when we are in the field. I sent a silk handkerchief to Glyn last week hope he will get it alright it’s the only thing I could get and the best I gave twelve piasters for it but you had better not let them know. I could not get what I wanted for Mam but will be able to when I get to a decent town. Give my love to Jon Mag and my nephew Glyndwr. Jon said he is like me so I have sent my condolences to the little chap it’s his misfortune as well as mine. How is Mailys and Dyfan getting on. Is mailys still teaching. Hope Dyfan will pass his Senior this time. Is he a non-commissioned officer in the cadets yet he ought to be, although his (Crowd)? will not be one for long. I don’t think I will stick to the one it’s more worry than the worth of it. Would be everyone’s beck and call but I will see how things are first and will then know what to do. Please let me know what regiment Howard Hughes is in would like to know. How did the mission go off hope it prospered. I read Lloyd George’s speech at Albert Hall today it was in the Egyptian Mail and it was very good indeed. Please look up the News of the World for April 9 and you will get a slight account of the Welsh, digest it well. I told you of Mr AW Davies splendid behavior in one of my letters so will not repeat. I must wind up now. Remember me to those who ask for me. Best love and best of wishes to you all

I am

Your affectionate Son


XXXXX mam and Mailys

Don’t quarrel over the odd one give it Dad and Dyfan