Dear Dad and Mam

I’ve no doubt you will be pleased to hear that I have been discharged from hosp on the 20th and was very pleased to get out of it as it was getting very monotonous. I am now on the way up to join the batt and I expect I will be in the middle of it by the end of this week so I expect you to wish me luck. Well it does not worry me that’s a good thing for my lucky star seems to be always in. Lewis Morgan was alright when I last heard of him about a week ago will give him your kind regards when I meet him. I was reading Mam’s  letter to me on Mar 14 just now that is what I always do is to read the old letters until I get later ones. It reminded me of the present I want to get for Glyn. I will also get something for Mam. I am going to get them this afternoon. I was reading in the News of the World of the Gaza affair and I see The Welsh was specifically mentioned for their behaviour they also pinched the Jonny’s div (Divisional) staff.  So that is a feather in our caps don’t you think so. Well how is Mailys and Dyfan getting on hope they are both in the pink and hope you can say the same. I am feeling in the pink myself and am not so rotten as I used to be a couple of weeks ago. Give Jon and Mag and Glyn my best love will write to them later. I have not got much to say now hope you won’t mind this letter being short. When I rejoin the batt I may not be able to write as often as I do now but you understand the circumstances so mind you don’t worry I will be alright. I close with best love and best wishes to you all.

I am 

Your loving Son