Dear Dad and Mam

I am writing to you to let you know that I am pretty near alright only got a bit of a cold now and am going out of hospital in a few days for this I won’t be sorry am about sick of being in dock now. I have had teeth at last at least I have had the top lot had 9 new teeth in it. I don’t think I will be able to get the bottom as I have only got a few teeth missing from there. It very queer wearing false teeth at first but I will get used to them soon I suppose. I have not had a letter from you for about a fortnight but I hope to get one soon. Did I tell before that Mr Davies went into action with the batt and was up front most of the time bandaging wounded. He was very great so one of the boys told me when I was talking to him about one thing and another. Well I have not got any news for you just now I seem to have run dry of news now for this is a very monotonous existence. I hope you are all in the best of health at home am pleased to say I am feeling in the pink myself. How is Mailys and Dyfan getting on hope they are doing alright in school. What rank is Dyfan in the Cadet Corps Sergt Major I suppose. How does he like playing soldiers how would he like to come out here instead of me and boil or stew for the summer not much I expect. Well I hope to see this war over by the end of this summer would like to be home for my 21st birthday Ah Mam. But all’s well that ends well so I hope the time won’t be long just fancy it’s nearly two years since I left England and will be two years in June since I saw you. It seems like ten years to me. Roll on the time when I will be able to come and stay home with you again. How is Jon and Mag and Glyn getting on I had a letter from them about three days ago Have written and answered it. I also had a letter from Aunt Annie. Well I must close will write again soon. Best love and best wishes to you all.

I am your loving Son



As GCR was writing this letter, his comrades in the 53rd Division were again advancing on Gaza.