Dear Dad and Mam

Just a line to let you know that I am alright and hoping you are all the same. I am stuck for news this time and am only writing so as to let you know that Lewis M is alright and came through the scrap without a scratch so you can tell Mrs Morgan so for she might be worrying and no doubt you will get this letter before he will have a chance of writing. Well how is Abertysswg getting on now, any new …… would like to be walking down the old Green now, what do you say. Perhaps the time is not far off when I will be going down it. Roll on duration I say and then I will have a chance to settle down and earn my bread and butter, I was going to say once more but I can’t say that because I have not earned it yet. Wouldn’t it be a treat for me to be home for my 21 years birthday …. Mam. Well how is Dyfan and Mailys going on hope they are both well. Give my love to Jon and mag. I wrote to them last week. I must wind up now got no more to say. again hoping you are all in the best of health and spirits. With Best Love and Best wishes to you all.

I am

Your loving Son


I am still in dock but getting better like a house on fire.