Dear Dad and Mam

Just a line again to let you know how things are with me. Glad to say that the sores are improving gradually hope to be quite alright soon. Hope you at home are all in good health I am feeling in the pink in  myself. Things are not so bad here and we get a pretty decent time. We had a very good concert last night and I enjoyed it very much it was very humourous and there was some fine singing there too. I went to a C of E service on Sunday night being the only one available it was held in the hospital chapel. The chapel is a fine place inside it is only a small place but the work inside is beautiful and well worth seeing. The service itself I could not enjoy in the least everything was in a dry monotonous tone, like a parrot house, the Nonconformists service is much better more sense in it. Have not seen the chaplain I told you about since that time. I have written to Uncle Messach and Aunt Polly in answer to their letter hope they will get them. Uncle Messach told me that everyone has to volunteer for war work and that he did not know what to do himself. I helped him out of his difficulty by proposing he should sell flags on Flag Days don’t know if he will follow my advice or not. Well how is Mailys and Dyfan getting on glad to hear that they both intend to go in for the teaching profession good luck to them. Glad they have got more brains than your humble. You were asking once if I had all the B.Ts you had sent me. I have had the first four have not had no 5 yet. I find the war notes are very good indeed. Address my letters to the batt as usual. How are things going in Abertysswg hope you have disposed of the 120 allotments have you got one yourself let me know. Hope the mission is still prospering. I wrote to Mr Rees in answer to his letter the other day has he had it yet he should have by now. Hope Jon and Mag and Glyndwr are alright and that Glyn has got over his cold. Well I have no more to say just now again hoping you are all well. With best love and best wishes to all.

I am

Your loving Son



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