Dear Dad and Mam

I am very pleased to tell you that I received your letter dated Feb 28 yesterday it was forwarded on to me from the batt I was very glad indeed to get it I also received a small parcel from Uncle Messach containing a pair of socks braces and handkerchiefs also a letter from Auntie Polly. So you see I am getting things quite well this time in hospital not like last time. Well glad to hear most of all that you are all in good health and hope Glyndwr is better by now. Well I expect you want to know how I am now, glad to say getting better am feeling in the pink myself it’s only the septics that are rotten so there is nothing to worry about. I don’t understand how you did not get a letter from me for three weeks I write one if not two every week. Glad to hear Wm Francis received my letter we were in a place called El Abdu then and I wrote to you as well from there of that I am certain. Does the ration allowance come sufficient for everyone’s needs let me know what the allowance is am curious to know. Well I have not got any news to tell you am run out of stock. I might tell you that when I came down on the hospital train people were very kind, in one station there were two English ladies dishing out cups of cocoa to us and when we reached Cairo there was another lady with tea and biscuits. So you see things are not so bad we are not quite out in the cold. There was a band concert here the night I came in 19th it was fine, best band I have heard for a long time. There was another concert party called the Bing Boys it was very humourous and comic. All this helps to pass a pleasant hour, but all the same I won’t be sorry to be out of hosp and in good trim once more am more like a camel at present as rotten as one anyway. Was glad to hear that the mission has been so successful there has been fine results so far by your figures. Glad to see that the Government has started their combing out but am sure they could get more from Aber than five, not many teeth in that comb do you think so, They should have taken all that started working from Aug 1914 for they would capture several big Northmen who have come down and taken the places of men who have had the guts to join up. Hope Dyfan will succeed in the Central Welch Board Exam also that he will win the ……. in the Eisteddfod. Glad to see that Dad is coming out as a lecturer glad to hear that the lecture was a success but by the way was not J Muller a German, its a German name anyway, very unpatriotic of Dad to speak about Germans these times. I am going to write to Auntie Pollie and Uncle Messach tomorrow. Glad to hear that Mam goes out every day that is the way to keep well. Would like to be home to come for a walk with her now hope she will keep it up. I have no more to say now. Give my love to Jon and Mag hope they are keeping well I wrote to them this week. Hope Glyn will soon be better. Hope Dyfan and Mailys are keeping alright. I must wind up now with best love and best wishes to you all.

I am, Your affectionatr Son