Dear Dad and Mam

I wrote to Mam the day before yesterday in answer to her letter which I received the same day, hope you have had it before now. I am writing to you again as I find it’s the best thing I can do under the circumstances and I am sure you will like to have a letter as often as possible at least Mam said so in her last letter to me. You will be glad to know that I went and had an impresssion taken of my teeth this morning have got to go again on Thursday so I think I will touch(?) out for teeth this time hope they will turn out alright when I do get them for goodness knows I have had to go through the mill many times on account of my teeth. Well how are you getting on at hope hope you are all in the best of health I am feeling grand, in the pink and the septics are nearly alright again hope to be out of dock in a week’s time and then up the old desert again. Give my love to Jon, Mag, Glyn hope they are well also Mailys and Dyfan hope they are doing alright at school. Solong now. Best love and best wishes to you all.

Your loving Son



Can’t decide if this letter was in the wrong envelope, postmarked 11 April, or did GCR mistakenly date the letter March 10 when it was actually April. The reference to being out of dock in about a week fits better with the latter.