In the Field

Dear Dad, Mam, Mailys and Dyfan I am writing to you all in a bunch in answer to the letter I received from you all dated Feb 18. I can tell you I was delighted to get them one from Mam another from Mailys and last from Dyfan thank you all very much for them. I also had a letter from Umcle Moses and a photo of Nain and Einion this is the first I have had from them since I have left England two years ago come July. I also had one from Auntie Annie and I also had a Baptist Times marked 4. I have received all four too. I would like if you could put a word or two in the paper BT. Well to start with Mam’s letter. I never dreamt that food had gone so bad it’s time this war was over and no mistake. I am sure its very good of you to intend sending a cake for me it will be most welcome but I don’t like the idea of you sacrificing what little sugar you do get on me. We have not got even a canteen near here. I intend to send a few pounds shortly I shall not want much pay up this way its 41 days since I had the last and that at 1/9 a day will soon mount up it’s more use to you than to me. You also mention about me sending something small to Glyndwr I have thought of it many times since you first mentioned it and I intend to send him something as soon as circumstances permit. You understand that there is no shops or even inhabitants up this way. As for Willie Bebb getting married I always thought he was a bit lightheaded but never thought he was so daft as all that poor girl is all I have to say. Hope I will never be so daft as him. I don’t mean that I shall not get spliced eventually but I do hope I can earn my barra …. and pay back a bit of what I owe you for I will never be able to pay back all of it. I can give you one guarantee that I will do nothing so silly as WB while I am out in this country. Lewis Morgan says the same and so say all of us, I do hope that the Rhymney tribunal will have a bit of sense and let Evans Co-Op do a bit of soldiering it will bring down that pot of his and do him good. One bit more from Mam’s letter. Well Mam dear I also hope like you that the time is not far off when we will all be together again. Now Mailys’ letter. I am very glad Mailys that you exercised your authority and made Mam stay in bed for the two days you were home from school it’s a bit more of that Mam wants. I am glad to hear also that Mam is getting such a knut(?) I wish I could see her swanking it. Glad to hear that Glyndwr is progressing favourably now. You mention that the children of Israel were wandering in this desert for forty years well I wish they had kept the rotten place for good and all for all the good there is but where we are now is green and sewn with wheat and barley also plenty of daisies and dandelions. I tell you it’s a shame to tread on them for fear of crushing them. Now for Dyfan. Glad to hear that you are looking after baby so well till I come home and also glad that Jon was such a sport to you. Also glad you did not mention what you had for dinner it only gives me a pain. Glad you are all in good health I am in the pink. Well paper finis. Best love and best wishes to you all.

Yours affectionately