Dear Dad and Mam

I am writing again to let you know how things are with me very pleased to be able to say that I am in the pink hope you are all the same. I received a huge envelope a few days ago containing a letter dated Feb 1 and also a BT and 2 pamphlets also the mission handbill many thanks for same. The war notes in the BTare about the best I have seen. I received another BT yesterday also a letter from Auntie Annie, have not had an opportunity to look at the former yet. Well I am pretty short of news again this time everything is all in the same old routine as usual. Very sorry to hear that Mam has not been well for a few days hope she is better by now. Sorry that Glyndwr has not been well hope he is better by now. L Morgan is alright have not seen B Fry for some weeks saw him on the march but not since. I see by the latest war news that things have started to move in France also in Mesopotamia. I am properly stuck for something to say I hope that the mission keeps on prospering as it has done it made a good start anyway. I wrote to you some few days ago hope you have had it before now. How long do you think this war is going to last I believe that everybody would like  to see it over but one thing I can’t understand is why they allow such people as Ramsay McDonald and them people who try to murder L George to live, shoot every one of them they should not be allowed to live  and are not fit to. Such people doing their worst and poor squaddies getting killed and ruined for life in France and elsewhere for such wasters as that. I don’t know what to think of such people as this in England with their conscience objectors or cowards. Would like to see the lot done away with. Well hope things will have altered a lot by when I get back to Blighty, {My address is still 3144 Sergt GC Roberts C Coy 1/5th Batt Welch Regt EEF.} I will have something to say that some won’t like, as it is. Hope Dyfan and Mailys are in the best of health and doing alright at school I will have a quid or two to send for Mailys before long perhaps more am 3 pounds in credit now have not had pay for over a month. I spent some money in Cairo and have had to spend most of my money on grub when we could by it. Will wait till I have got a five note I can send you. Well time will tell. Hope you are all still keeping up your spirits I conclude with best love and best wishes to all.
I am Your loving Son


GCR is most likely referring to the case of Alice Ann Wheeldon (27 January 1866 – 21 February 1919) who was a British supporter of suffrage and anti-war campaigner. She was convicted in 1917, along with her daughter, Winnie, and son-in-law, Alfred Mason, of conspiracy to murder the Prime Minister, David Lloyd George. At least some of the evidence given in the case against them appears to have been fabricated on behalf of “a government eager to disgrace the antiwar movement”.

Ramsay MacDonald – first Labour Prime Minister 1924. Denounced during WW1 for his opposition to the war.

BT – Baptist Times; ran from 1885-2012