In the Field

Feb 17 1917

Dear Dad and Mam

I am in luck again for I received a letter from you yesterday evening dated Jan 23 so you see this has come in fairly good time was very pleased indeed to get it. It was a fine letter indeed and I honestly believe that I get longer and more interesting letters than anyone I know. Was very pleased to hear that you are all enjoying that great thing”good Health” and am also pleased to be able to tell you that I also enjoy the same blessing. You will be wondering what is the matter with my writing well I have just come off a night outpost and my hands are still cramped so you see its very cold here at night. I can stand the heat till further orders but I can’t bear the cold now at all. I don’t know how things will be when I get back home again hope I will get used to it again. Thanks very much for the program of work of the mission by that you will have your work cut out for you for some time to come. I again wish you the best success and hope the result will be all and more than you expect. I forgot to mention in my last letter that I had received the B.T. and have read some of it but have not finished it yet. I think the notes on the war are exceedingly good and worth ready and I think the notes contain good news too. Wilson does not seem to be quite the ass I thought he was. Very glad that you have heard that I have received the Xmas parcel you sent me it was as I have said many times before ….. …. You are asking for a list of the parcels I have received well I will give you one.

1 Xmas parcel from you

2 Parcel from Jon who I have written to thank long ago

3 Tin of Biscuits from Wm Francis hope he has had my letter

4 One parcel from Aber Ladies Guid containing a cake, Health Salts, Cigarettes, Chocolate. L Morgan had one the same and another containing clothes.

I have not received a parcel from Uncle Messach but will write him today. You are asking was the private preaching in the YMCA a Roman, a minister or a churchman. Well I must tell you I do not know but I must also say that sectarian quibbles do not count with us out here all denominations are out for the same object and that is to lead men in the right direction and I must say as far as myself is concerned I don’t mind what denomination is holding a service I take advantage of it. I do think that people could be more broad minded about these things they do seem to be getting better for Cons, Meths and Baps are joined together in the army as the United Board, that only leaves out Weslians, C of E and RCs so things are getting better. I don’t know what your opinion is on the subject hope you will let me know. You state in your letter that you have had an illustration in one of my letters which seems to have been of use to you seeing that you have made about 1/3 of a sermon over it. Well very glad it was of use but I do hope you do not mention my name or put anything I write to you in the paper as I don’t like publicity it makes me nervous. We had a bit of sport the other night a horse galloped across the front of one of our sentries who shouted halt three times and then fired but the horse did not stop we all had to stand to over it. In the morning the galloping horse turned out to be a runaway mule which got away in the morning and there was no rider on it. But the mule can shake hands with himself because the sentry who fired was cross eyed, lucky mule. Glad to hear that Glyndwr is getting on alright tell his Nain to give him a kiss for me also give him my love. I received the parcel also letter from Jon after I had wrote the letter you state of and also wrote again to him and apologized for same. I am afraid I jumped to conclusions too quickly then. Give my love to Jon and Mag also Mailys and Dyfan hope they are in the best of health. I must now wind up hoping you are all in the pink. Best love and best wishes to you all.

I am

Your affectionate Son



Wilson was President Woodrow Wilson of the USA who had been attempting to maintain neutrality and keep his country out of the war. This was becoming more difficult with Germany’s declaration of unrestricted submarine warfare and the interception of a coded message from Germany to Mexico suggesting an alliance by which Germany would assist Mexico in regaining it’s lost states, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. His last attempt to broker a peace deal had collapsed in December 1916.