Dear Dad and Mam

There is a mail going out today so I am hurrying to write to you so that you will get this in good time. We are now properly in the wilds and it will be a bit difficult for me to let you have letters in any regular time but you can depend on me writing as often as I can. We are expecting a mail in today and I am expecting to have a letter to two from you. We have no tents now but just dig a hole in the sand and get down to it like rabbit, last night it rained and you can guess what sort of a time we had. Well I have not got any real news this time I wrote a long letter to you a couple of days ago hope you will have it alright. I have not been able to go to a service for a month or so have either been orderly sergt or we have been on the march and today we have been digging wells hope to get a service tonight. Lewis Morgan is in good health let his people know. I am as per usual in the pink and hope you can say the same. What made you think I was coming home. I wish it was right but I am afraid it won’t come off till this war is over and the sooner the better. Never mind Mam we will have a happy time when we are all home together again at least I hope so. You mentioned in the last letter if I remember reading In the Wilds of Africa, yes I do  and I had an exciting experience yesterday. I was going to put on my shorts  in the morning and when I was going to put them on I found a big centipede in them what do you think of that for an adventure. I also saw a scorpion yesterday and a funny thing it is like a crab only it has a long sting. Mr A W Davies is still with us he marched up with us I don’t think he would like to leave us now. Well I must wind up now hope Dyfan and Mailys Jon and Mag and my nephew are alright give them all my love. Well so long hoping this will find you in the pink. With best love and best wishes to you all.

I am

Your affectionate Son