Dear Dad and Mam

Just a line again to let you know how things are well I am feeling fine hope you can all say the same. I wrote a short note to you yesterday but am writing again today have a little more time. Well there is a mail expected in today and I am now anxiously waiting to see if there is a letter from you for me I think I will finish this letter after the mail has been called. Hope everything is going on alright at Abertysswg everything in Asia Minor is alright the place I am at is not a large town but it’s by the sea and I enjoy a bathe every day so you see that is a great boon to us we are not allowed in the town whatsoever but it’s only a collecting of mud houses and a mosque. By the news we get America is on the borders of war well it’s time she came in she must have a very very thick skin to stand all the cheek Germany has given her. I don’t think this war will last much longer I don’t see how it can well the sooner it is over the better and then I hope to come home and have a happy time for as long as you will have me home. There is one thing the army does and that is to appreciate his home a great deal more and to know when he is well off and when he is not. Mind I am not grumbling or down in the dumps I always believe in making the best of everything no matter what the circumstances are and I can say that I have succeeded so far. My name has been sent in to go for a course in anti gas methods and if successful to become an instructor in them but I don’t think anything will become of it although I would like to go. Tell Dyfan that I have wished many a time I had paid more attention to my lessons in school and had a better education because I have missed a few good chances through it. If I had got a good knowledge of chemistry I would have got this job without a doubt but as it is I know nothing about chemistry so I think it’s hopeless me getting this job, good education  counts for a lot even in the army and it’s no good for a chap to be a dud if he wants to get on anywhere. Have you had the letter in which I gave you the result of my course in …… (?) you can see by that how things are. That was the hardest three weeks studying I have ever done and you will notice how the marks increased in the end had 95 in the final written exam. Well hope Dyfan and Mailys are doing well in school and keep and keep on doing so by the way what is Dyfan going in for I expect he has thought of something by now let me know would like to know very much. How are the brave plucky chaps who can shout “join the army” doing in their business picture framing I mean W Bebe and Howard Hughes hope I won’t be so weak minded in future as to listen to men of that sort, but think and act for myself that is another thing the army does for a chap if he does not he will very soon go to pieces. Well I hope you are having better weather now we are getting quite good weather now but it’s very cold in the early morning and night. Jonny has not been over today strafing us with his little fireworks he gets a warm time when he pokes his dirty nose here. Well I am going to have a half time now like Mailys and going to wait to see what the mail brings forth. HALF TIME

My address is still the same and I remain Sergt GC Roberts 3144 C Coy 1/5th Welch Regt EEF.

“Hurrah” I have waited for the mail and had an envelope  addressed to me containing a nice decent respectable letter from Mailys and a nice but very short letter from Dyfan. Thanks very much for both, I feel quite worried to find that you have not had a letter from me for about three weeks I don’t know what to think of it I have always written as often as I can and never delaid as long as that no matter what has been on and I can’t understand what makes Mam think I was coming home I will give you plenty of warning when to expect me but I am afraid it will not be for sometime perhaps duration so mind you don’t let anybody know when I am coming for I want to come quiet. Very sorry to hear of the fire at Hengoed. Mailys gave me quite a start when I heard the first part I thought something dreadful had happened. Sorry that Dyfan does not know how to keep his buttons clean after being in the service all this time. Tell him some pinko, a hard brush and elbow grease will bring them very nice and bright and he can get a button stick for 6d anywhere. Well we are moving again tomorrow don’t know where to. Well I must now wind up. Hope you are all in the best of health I am feeling pinky as per usual. Well so long best love and best wishes to you all.

I am Your affectionate Son