In the Field

Feb 4 1917

Dear Dad and Mam

Just a line to let you know that I am in the pink hoping you are all the same. You maybe a bit anxious at not having a letter from me for some days but it could not be helped. We have been on six days march since the last three I told you of in my last and I can tell you it was a stiff one. We are now at the place we have been after for some time and we get some excitement fairly often still it’s no so bad have had much worse before. We have now marched something like 160 miles across the desert so you see we have had something to do, hope we won’t have to march it back. I had a letter from Ethel Burgess the other day but have not received one from you since I had the one from Mam and Mailys. You will have to excuse this short letter as I am orderly sergt for this week. We were for six days that we did not have a wash were looking like sweeps but when we did have one it was glorious. Well how are you all getting on, hope you are keeping up to the mark keep your spirits up and don’t worry about me I am in a safer place by far than you with them Zepps flying about. How is Jon and Mag and my nephew hope they are getting on alright. I think I told you in my last epistle that I had received a tin of biscuits from Will Frances have written to thank them for it ask if they have received it. I have not had the parcel from Uncle Messach yet I think it’s gone West by now. I also had a letter from Nain Jones also two from Auntie Polly have answered them both. Well solong for the time being best love and best wishes to you all.

I am your affectionate Son



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