Sgt GC Roberts 3144
Dec 3 1916

Dear Dad and Mam
Tomorrow will be the last day for letters to arrive in time for Xmas to you so I am writing this to you and I am enclosing my mug you can do what you like with I don’t think much of it a Russian took it and it cost me twenty piastres if you know how much that is. I was on church parade this morning and had a very good service. I do not know who the chaplain is. By the way I do not think I told you that Mr Davies returned from hospital on the day before I came away I did not have an opportunity to speak with him. He looks well now. I am at the school of instruction for three weeks and hope to be able to pass out. I wish I had the gift of the gaff a bit more, I would do alright then, but I can only do my best and no more. How are you all getting on hope you are all in the best of health. I am as per usual OK. Give my love to Jon, Mag and the youngster. Wish them a very Happy Xmas for me I will not have time to write but will drop them a Field Card. I sent a Xmas card on before hope you will receive them and by the way, my mug will do for a New Year Card. I have not worked so hard as I have last week since I have been in the Army and certainly not before. Give my kind regards to Mrs Davies next door also to Mr Cooper and Hughie. Hope the later has not made a fool of himself, he is not really so daft as to marry that piece. Now Mam hope you will not give me a telling off as you did in your last again because as I have told you I am out in the wilds or desert most of the time and am only in civilization for three weeks. Well I have not got much to say this time. I have been around the town it is a very pretty place in some parts but the native parts are very squalid they always are. I detest these n*****s, are nothing else but the scum of the earth at least most of them are. They learn to ask for buchisch before they start to say dad and mam. That means something for nothing. I was in the Esbecaia Gardens (Ezbekieh Gardens). yesterday they are very pretty there are some fine white bark palm trees there, also some eucaliptus trees and many others fine fountains there as well as a beautiful grotto. Well I must wind up now wishing you all a very Happy Xmas once more. Give my love to Mailys and Dyfan hope they are doing well no doubt they are having holidays now hope they will enjoy them.
Best love and best wishes for a Happy Xmas
I am
Your loving Son
Xxxxxx for Xmas dinner
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