In the Field
Nov 13. 1916
Dear Dad and Mam
Just a line to let you know that everything is in the pink with me hope you all at home are the same at home. I am enclosing in the same envelope a letter which I wrote on Nov 6.
I am very sorry that I was unable to post it before now have got very little time for ourselves now at it all day long, no time to wash hardly. If we are not on guard we are out all day firing
or on working parties we have been not so hard worked since we have left England, so I hope you won’t think I have been in any way neglectful, because I look upon writing to you as often as possible
as a duty, have been terribly pushed for time for the last fortnight. I was on church parade yesterday morning and as soon as it was over had to clean up for guard. I am on guard now. The chaplain who was preaching to us yesterday is just out from England and as he owned himself is very green at his job. I’m afraid Mr Davies will not come back to us now since this new chap has come to us. He does not take quarter as well as Mr Davies. He does not give out hymns that we are familiar with and our boys sing for all they are worth anything they know, it was rotten when he gave out hymns that nobody knew it seemed so cool and lifeless. Its very queer when you think of it that all the chaplains have the same message to give yet some are much more popular than others. I suppose we are all like children some won’t take Epsom salts only health salts yet it’s all the same. Well have you received my photo yet I hope you have, because I was very particular on having them photos decent if possible. Let me know on the earliest possible date. I expect we will be having another stunt again hope I will be as well off as last time well don’t worry I shall be alright and come home the same as I went away on(ly) a bit wiser. By the way Sam Jones of Rhymney’s brother is here he came out with the last draft and he is in my company. I was asking if there was anybody from my way amongst the draft when he said he had a brother in Rhymney and told me his name and he turned out to be Sam Jones’ brother. Last time I was out firing I had five bulls out of five rounds in rapid firing that is 5 rounds in 30 seconds at 200 yds. I also made an 8 inch group at 100 yds that is to put 5 rds within an 8 in circle I also passed out in the independent firing test. I can do much better rapid than slow because we don’t alter your position or take the rifle from the shoulder. Ever heard of El Arish you will before long. My address is still Sgt GC Roberts 3144 C Coy 1/5th Bn Welch Regt. EEF. Hope Mag and my nephew is getting on alright. I had a parcel from Auntie Polly last week containing cake and toffee it was a treat I am writing to thank her for it. She tells me I am about the only one that writes to her. You write on rare occasions it must be pretty hard on her to be all alone as she is. By the way Mafannwy made the toffee and it was GREAT. I told her not to send me anything but she would persist so it seems. Well I am winding up now hope Mailys and Dyfan are doing well give them my love. I am in the pink of condition. Lew Morgan is alright. With best love and best wishes to you all.
I am your loving Son