In the Field

Nov 3 1916

Dear Dad and Mam

I am writing to you again hoping that you are still in the best of health, because I am always in the pink and hope to keep so always. A chap has much to be thankful for when he has good health and I have had excellent health for months, I have not been on the sick since the time I was in Sollum and that is a good time ago now. I wrote to you on the 1st of this month telling you I had received the parcel you sent me on october 7th, but I forgot at the time to mention that I recognize the box you sent it in. Who thought when you bought that tin of biscuits that the tin would find its way to Egypt. I am keeping that tin and have got all my letters in it. By the way, you mention in your last letter that you wrote to me on October 5, 11, 17. Well I have received all of them and others, besides I wrote to Mrs Davies the Green thanking her for the two handkerchiefs. I am posting the letter the same time as this. I have moved from where I was when I received the parcel. I am now in the same place as Bernard Fry is, but have not seen him yet, I only arrived today. I really think he is a bit afraid of me because I am a sergeant and he is a private, he is not a great soldier, he is not cut out for it and does not stick up for himself at all by what I could see when I saw him before. Jon stated in the note I had from him that Ted Tooth is somewhere in Egypt do you know where, let me know, I might drop across him somewhere. I am enclosing in the letter a little slip of paper on which I took an impression of some guns we pinched from the Senussi you will see the date on it that they are not of the latest pattern. KRUPP. ESSEN. 1871 is on it. Have you had the photo of the four generation etc, mind you let me have one of them as promised. Have you received my photo yet let me know when you do, I shall feel a bit more satisfied when you do get it and see for yourself that I am not declining and of course I expect to have your opinion on them. Don’t be to rough on the boy and criticise my bare legs. I hope Maggie and the baby are getting on alright now, hope they will continue to get on. I am going to write to Jon in answer to his note tomorrow. I have written to Mr Cooper, hope he has received it before you get this. Hope Hughie is going on alright. How did your dramatic entertainment go off, hope it was a success. You said the name of the casualties of Abertysswg are on the program, please let me see one. Well I must wind up, you know my addresses, Sgt. GC Roberts 3144, C. Coy 1/5th, Welsh Regt, 159th Brigade 53rd Division, E.E.F. Lewis Morgan is in good health, sends his kind regards to you all. Hope Mailys and Dyfan are getting on alright and doing alright at school. Well so long for a bit. With best love and best wishes to you all

I am
Your loving Son

Mam and Mailys had better take one after each meal