In the Field
Oct 27 1916

Dear Dad and Mam
Just a line to let you know that I am as per usual in that fine old condition called in the Pink. Hope you all at home are the same. I did not get a letter or anything from you with the last mail but I am pretty sure of having one with the next I am also expecting the parcel you sent me. I must tell you this and mind you do what you can, there is every chance of getting compassionate leave if there is any reasonable excuse such as sickness at home or business want seeing to personally do what you can. I hope Maggie is getting on now and little John is thriving on Army rations. Did you get your photo taken all together four generations of the family as you stated you were. I want one of them when you do. Hope Nain Jones is enjoying herself in Abertysswg. I wrote to Mr Cooper in answer to his letter hope he has received it by when you get this one. Do the letters in green enveloped reach you in good time let me know if they come any better or worse than the censored ones. I have not got any news this time indeed I hardly know what to put down. How is Jon conducting himself since he is a daddy does he swank about much. Tell him to keep the boy out of the army while the war is on its alright in peace time. I was reading this morning of Norwegian boats getting torpedoed by the German submarines don’t they kick up a fuss about it? They are like Americans as tough as nails with regard to insults they take no notice of them. There was a little do out this way last week nothing much, was not in it at all. My address is Sgt GC Roberts 3144 C Coy 1/5th Batt Welsh Regt EEF. How is Abertysswg going on has not shifted yet I suppose I am afraid I shall not be able to find it when I come home. Well I must wind up. Hope Mam is in good health and that Mailys and Dyfan are doing alright at school hope they are also in good health. Solong for now with best love and best wishes to you all.
I am
Your loving Son


Norway, “the neutral ally”