In the Field
October 24 1916

Dear Dad and Mam,
Just a line to let you know that I am as usual in the pinky state of affairs hope you all at home are the same. We had a mail in yesterday but I did not get anything but I am not grumbling for I had seven letters with the last one. I wrote to you two of three days ago hope you have received it before you get this one. I had my photo taken in Alex hope you have received it before now because I posted it on to you at once. What do you think of them not so very bad do you think so? I also sent you some snaps which I thought were very nice. I had them given to me my one of the chaps who was on Cape Helles with me in the same dug out he took them himself. Hope you have had them before now please keep them they will be very interesting in future times. How is Nain Jones, John and Mag getting on, hope they are all up to the mark. I have not got much to say right now you would be surprised to see how monotonous things are out here in the desert the Arabian desert we are on {………………?} We had a draft this week and Harry Weeks brother came with it. He told me had been speaking to you a few weeks ago when he was home on leave. I don’t think much of him. The pal of Arthur West was asking me about him, is he still in the Fort? Let me know he has written to him a few times but has received no answer from him. How is Hughie Cooper getting on hope he is improving. I told you in my last epistle that I had received a letter from Mr Cooper will write in return this week, will also write to Jonathan. By the way has Dyfan had his long bags yet, let me know. The baby of the family has lost his position now well be does not mind I’m sure (he) is very proud of his promotion to uncle but I must remind him that I am senior to him therefore his superior officer so he had better look out. Hope Mailys is still doing well at school. Hope she will be able to go to college next year and also hope I shall me at home to give a hand for her to go there. I hear Mafanwy is groning (sic) about the grub she gets, well give her Army rations I bet she would not live to tell the tale after some, say nice bully stew. You mentioned in your last letter that you had dinner with the Abertysswg boys, also you enclosed a description of the same. Well is I had a feed like that I should not know weather (sic) I was standing on my head or my feet with the joy of the fact, but still this active service therefore we can’t expect to have all we would like to get. How much longer
My address is Sgt GC Roberts 3144 C Coy 1/5 Bn Welsh
do you think this war is going to last?
Regt EEF please make a note of it
Do you think it will last out the winter? There is only about ten weeks left to Xmas so you see time is rolling on. Well I must wind up Hope Mam and the baby get on well. Hope you are all in the very best of health. I am (quice materi) Arabic for (very good). So long for a short space of time as Dyfan says in his letters. With best love and best wishes to you all.
I am
Your affectionate Son