In the field
Sunday Oct 22 1916

Dear Dad and Mam

It gives me great pleasure in writing this letter to let you know that I found a fine mail waiting for me when I returned from my seven days rest last night I received two from you, one dated Oct 5th and the other Sept 29th, a fine long letter I can tell you. I feel proud to get such fine letters from you. I received two letters from Auntie Annie, one from Mr Cooper, one from Ethel and one from Auntie Pollie, that makes the mail up to seven in all, now I call that a really first class collection and you would not believe what pleasure it gives me to receive these letters. I do not mind the answering of them in the least. So the first thing I must do now is to congratulate you both on being promoted to the proud position of grandfather and grandmother, also to Dyfan and Mailys on their appointment to uncle and aunt. I have already shaken hands with myself. I shall write at once to Jon and Mag. I am very pleased indeed to hear the baby is to be named JOHN. Its a fine old name and not a harness on the little chap. He ought to be able to carry that name anywhere. I also reckon it a very nice compliment to Dad and so I think it very sensible of them to name the baby so. I bet Mam is not half swanking over it and I bet she has already appointed herself commander in chief over the baby until Maggie in will again then of course she will have to revert to the rank of Brigadier General still not a bad position by any means. I expect Jon is very proud of himself won’t be able to see him for smoke, well I am very glad to hear Maggie is very well and the new arrival flourishing you will have to look out or you will spoil him. Tell Mag not to feed him on army rations just yet, bully beef and biscuits might not agree with him. I was very glad to hear from Mr Cooper that Hughie is getting on well, I shall have to write to him, but I must say he was very lucky to last so very long with a whole skin. Glad to hear Nain is in good health of course, she is a Great Nain now. I am sure she is swanking about the place over her promotion, give her my best love. I was pleased to hear that you had received Mr. Davies letter, he seemed to have been giving me a fair record. He is at present in hospital in Cairo, but expect to be back again with us in a week or two so the chaplain said this morning that took the parade. He is not the same stamp of man as Mr Davies more of the long faced solemn kind. Lewis Morgan has had two letters from home the first two for twelve weeks so you see there must have been something radically wrong somewhere. I enjoyed myself on Alex up to the mark. The last night I was there, I was at a fine concert given to the troops by Miss Lina Ashleys party I enjoyed myself up to the nines it was beautiful singing by beautiful singers. I saw an Egyptian funeral one afternoon, one who happened to be a Roman Catholic, it was a very elaborate affair with a section of Egyptian Cavalry in attendance. I also saw the statue of Muhammad Ali and the French Gardens. Have you made any alteration in the clocks again, we have made no difference in our time whatever out here. I had my face dragged while at Alex. and have posted them on to you, hope you will have received them before you get this letter. I also sent a few very nice snapshots before them, hope you have received them all by now. Well I shall have to wind up now, hope you are all in the best of health, I am first class and in the pink as usual. I close now with best love and best wishes to all
I am
Your affectionate son

Ps Address as per usual


GCR is presumably refering to Lena Ashley, who was, it could be said, the Vera Lynn of WW1