Sgt GC Roberts 3144
C Coy 1/5th Welsh Regt
159th Brigade 53rd Division
Sept 29th EEF

Dear Dad & Mam
Just a line again to let you know that I am as usual OK, hope you are all the same at home. I have not news to tell you this time. Everything in the gardens lovely with us out here, I think we are very lucky not to be in France just for things seem to be rather warm there just now. We, as I have told you before, are watching and waiting and hope to meet our old friends in a short time. Oh for a change to this climate it is very hot out here, melting point during midday and freezing point at stand to in the morning we feel the cold more because we only wear shorts and not slacks, so our knees are bare. Chaps are getting a months leave at home now if there is any family or business matters to see to I am afraid I can’t find anything to attend to, can you find something for me. How are things going at 3 Arthur St I have not had any news yet. I had a letter from Jon the other week and have answered it. Hope they are all right there. I am eagerly looking out for the photo to turn up so that I can have a look at your mugs as much as I want to. You would not believe what a photo is when you have not seen the dear ones at home for a long time. What did you do with the sticky backs I had taken a few days before I left Blighty, there was no time to get any others taken. I was only a day in Cairo as there was no time there. We have been out in the desert all the time. I am expecting to go on pass to Alexandria for a rest for 7 days in about a months time and I will try and get a decent photo taken then. I must now wish Mam “Many happy returns of the Day,” and I hope I shall have my happy returns of the day with Mam when this war is over. I sometimes think what I am going to do when this war is over. I would not work for the Co-op at one pound per week now. I shall have to look for something better than that but don’t worry I going to soldier at home as long as you will have me, even if it means working in the colliery. You said in one of your letters that you were sending me a parcel of soap etc. I am on the lookout for it. The army issue is very small up here and no shops. I must again ask you for a bit of writing paper I only managed to cadge this bit. I bought a nice little pearl case wrist watch this week I gave 10 piastres for it or 2/- in English. Well you see the paper is nearly finished so I must wind up with best love and best wishes to you all.

I am your loving Son