Sgt. GC Roberts 3144

C Coy 1/5th Welsh Regt

159th Brigade 53rd Division


Aug 18, 1916

Dear Dad and Mam

Just a line to let you know that I am as usual in the pink, hope you are all in this condition at home. Now for some good news, I received the parcel you sent for Auntie Annie three days ago and by now the cake has absolutely vanished to the last currant and crumb my word it was a treat. It went down without touching the sides. It was in very good condition. I have already written to Auntie Annie to thank her for it and hope she has received it before you get this. I gave Lew Morgan a good bang at it and all in the tent and various friends also did their duty to it so you see everything had a go so I did not have much left for myself but I could not think of eating it all myself or I might have been in Hospital or on the way home to Blighty. I did not give any to our captain. You may be surprised to hear that Mr Rutherford from Rhymney is Capt. of my company now. He has been with us for a month or so now he is alright.  I have told you before that I am soldiering now as the CQMS who went home on furlong has come back he was in England for a month.  I am now down on the Suez, it is very hot here.  I expect we will renew our friendship with our old chums of Gallipoli.  I don’t mind at all it will liven things up. I don’t mind bullets but hang the shells. They stop you for good if they meet you.  So you need not worry on my account, somehow or other I feel I shall come home alright someday and in the pink at that.  We have heard out here that Austria “has chucked up the sponge” is that correct. Mr. Davies did not give a lecture on Billy Bray after all but he gave us one on wit and humour and laugher.  You would have bust yourself with laughing he was very humorous indeed and we all spent a most enjoyable evening. Could you send me a bit of soap out?  I would be much obliged to you.  I intend to buy a nice present for you before I leave Egypt.  So roll round pay day.  How is Mailys getting on also Dyfan did they pass their exams let me know.  You will have to excuse my writing this ……. because I want to finish this letter in the time for the orderly Cpl to post it. These envelopes do not get censored so I can express myself in my own way.  The Brigadier General told us that we were the smartest battalion in the 159 Brigade.  And the divisional GOC told us that he was very satisfied with us and that we had reached the standard which he wanted us to reach so you can guess what that means.  He said that all ranks must have worked hard and willingly to reach this end.  Well how is John and Maggie getting on let me know hope everything is alright.  And for goodness sake tell them to put a decent label on the baby and not a jaw breaking nerve shaking name because the poor youngster will have to wear it and not them.   Hope I have not mentioned this too soon.  And tell grandmother to see that the child is brought up and not spoiled until I come home then I will teach him to slope arms, order arms and show him the ropes generally that is if he is a boy and if he is a girl I will have to leave him to Mailys.  Well I have got no more to say just now, I hope you are all as well as I am then you can’t grumble with best love and best wishes to all.

I am your loving son Goronway.


For Mam Mailys and Maggie & the baby.