Sgt. GC Roberts 3144
C. Coy 1/5th Welsh Regt
159th Brigade 53rd Division
Aug 7, 1916

Dear Dad and Mam

It gives me great pleasure to be able to tell you that I received two letters from you and one from Auntie Annie. One from Mam dated July 23 and one from Dad dated July 26 so you see that they have arrived in wonderfully good time. Yesterday I received a parcel from Uncle Messach containing cake and health salt. The later was most acceptable but I am sorry to say that the cake had gone mouldy. It was sent June 7 so you see it has been a fearfully long time on the way. Very glad to hear that you are all in good heath at home. Auntie Annie told me dad had a cold, hope it is better by now. I am sorry to say that I have not received the parcel sent by Mag and Jon yet, hope it will turn up one of these days. I went down to the town we are near to now yesterday and spent the afternoon there. Was in the YMCA for tea but did not have any opportunity to speak to any of the secretaries, there is an English lady there. I am at the place where George Parry was leaving after leaving Lemnos. I am very pleased to hear that there are no conscripts attached to our family as I thought there was, glad to know there are good hearts left. Sorry that Hughie Cooper was not able to come home after all, hard times after expecting to come. The mention I made in my letter about a commission, I am sorry to say it is all a washout no one is to go after all and I am afraid my education is not good enough, they wanted to know if I had passed the Matriculation Exam so I am afraid I will have to leave it at that. Very sorry to hear of the death of Eddie Williams in France, hard lines on his people I am sure please give them my deepest sympathy when you write. My word fancy Mam being a grandmother well she will not half be swanking now but tell her that Auntie Annie has walked her after all by a couple of years. Glad to hear that your Eisteddfod was a success. What did Dyfan want to lose for he is getting slack or did he meet a better man than himself. I told you in one of my previous letters that our Eisteddfod was a great success. Our Regt Choir won the prize for Comrades in Arms, but the other Regts have some beautiful swingers.

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