Sgt. GC Roberts 3144

C Coy 1/5th Welsh Regt

159th Brigade 53rd Division


July 31st, 1916 Aug 4, 1916

Dear Dad and Mam

Just a line to let you know that I am as usual in the pink, hope you can all say the same. I have got a little time now so I am trying to find something to tell you, but am very much hard up for news. Of course we should like to say quite a lot, but it can’t be did. Our armored cars went out last week and cooperated with the Italians and both went and had a smack at the Sunessi (Senussi), our causalities were only three wounded not bad do you think so. I wish this was all over am about fed up with it but don’t worry much for it does not do anybody any good to worry over things. It will all come out in the washing. I wrote to you a few weeks ago concerning Pat Pedlington, who used to work for Jacobs the Printer you have not let me hear weather you have received that letter or not please do so as soon as you have received it. How did Mailys and Dyfan get on with their exams, hope they did well, let me know the result. How did Jon and Mag enjoy their holidays at Aberystwyth they did not write to me from there, pretty rotten on their part, they could have dropped a chap a line but never mind I will put them through the mill for this when I come home. I will be big enough to eat Jon then. I think I can wack him now, he is only a little pimp. Well how is Mam getting, has she been for any holidays yet, if not she ought to go for a change to buch herself up and dad should go with her. When I come home, I hope we will all be able to go for a good fortnights holiday. I will have a bit of money to come then I hope between the blood money and bounty which I expect ought to be a pretty decent one. I have not got much more to say just now. Will conclude for the time being.

Aug 4

Now for another start and I am writing this from another place have had another move and we will dealing with our dear old friends we came to deal with twelve months ago. You know how they are and what was the consequences to little me hope I shall be as lucky this trip. I have also to tell you that I have finished being CQMS of C Coy from today as I told you when I took the job on it was only while the other chap was home on furlong and he returned to us today, but I am still Lance Sergeant, and will retain my rank. So you see I have not done so badly after all, I was very lucky to get the job temp. Was at a service last Sunday night given by Rev AW Davies it was a voluntary service and the mess hall was crammed full, must be about four hundred present. We had a fine service and the boys were singing for all they were worth. They all like Mr Davies but are fed up with the C of E Chaplain he is a dry old stick.

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The move referred to was to the Suez Canal Zone (the dear old friends are, of course the Turks). This may have been at short notice as a result of the Ottoman and German attck on the Canal Zone at Romani. The Battle of Romani which raged between 3-5 August 1916 was a clear victory for British Empire forces and was the last attempt by the Turks on the Canal.