2424a24b24cSgt GC Roberts 3144

C Coy 1/5th Bn Welsh Regt

159 Brigade 53 Division

July 24 1916 EEF

Dear Dad and Mam

It gives me great pleasure to be able to tell you that I have received your letter dated July 6 and also the SWWN so you see that I am very fortunate in receiving your letters and receiving them in very good time at that. I am like you state in your letter absolutely devoid of news so you must not expect a great deal to start with. You say that I figure myself out to be a full seargent well I am still a lance seargent but am still Coy Master Sgt and it is the way we put it down so you understand now what it is. I was very pleased with the pc s you enclosed they are enough to make a donkey laugh, but of course I don’t mean to say that I am a donkey or anything like one even if I did laugh. Hope Jon and Mag are enjoying their holidays. I must say that they are not patriotic or else they would economize in wartime and not go for holidays but I must excuse them because I hear strange rumors from 3 Arthur St. I expect by when you receive this letter you will have had the Annual Sunday School treat well I hope it has proved a great success as I am sure it would if it is not raining. I can remember having a good game of kiss in the ring on that day two years ago it seems a mighty long time ago don’t you think so but I sincerely hope to be home for the next one. You may be surprised to hear that Mr Rutherford of Rhymney is in command of my Coy now as our old Capt has been sent to hospital. I see by your letter that the Coop is getting quite enterprizing and waking up to a bit of business, they want to wake up quite a lot and I see that it was you who recommended them to use motor lorries. I have no more to say now so long with best love and best wishes.


Your loving Son