Sgt GC Roberts 3144

C Coy 1/5th Bn Welsh Regt

159th Brigade 53rd Division

Northwestern Frontier Force

July 16th 1916 Egypt

Dear Dad and Mam

I am writing to you again although I have almost nothing to say but I must let you know that I am alright that is in the pink and to enquire if you are that way inclined. Well you will no doubt remember that last night was a year to the time we left Bedford. Well I must say time has gone very fast don’t you think so and twelve months ago I was home on furlong last well roll on the time when I arrive home on that long furlong to stay. What do you say to that I am I think they should grant us furlong from here but I suppose it is too far to get home. If I was in France I would have a good chance for furlong. I had a letter from Auntie Annie yesterday and I am writing back to her now. I had a postcard with the photo of the whole family now when am I going to have yours you have promised to send it some time ago. It is getting a long time now without seeing your faces even on a photo. I am on outpost now, had my mug taken outside the fort. I also had my mug dragged last week will be able to get one or two of them and will send them on to you, will send the negative on if I can get it so you will be able to get a few taken of that. Mailys and Dyfan must be getting six footers. I am putting on weight broadways but not longways. I expect to be chucking up this job in a few weeks as the other chap is returning from England soon. I will have to start soldiering again but will retain my rank at least I think I will so that will be alright. Dai is still a Cpl by the stripes he has on the photo. I don’t like the look of his missus on the left of the photo I expect you have one. They all look as if they were going to have a serious operation or going to a funeral. I told Auntie so in my letter although I did not say that I would not have Dai’s wife for a missus. How are things going on in Abertysswg let me know all the latest. How is George Parry getting on let me know his present address and I will write to him I have got his regimental address. Has Tom Davies been called up, poor puny chap should be exempt and somebody like Price the Hotel should go. These local Tribunals are up the stick. Lewis Morgan is alright I put him on the Lewis Gun Section, he is going through a course of instruction now he takes plenty of interest in it. He will turn out alright I think. Tell his mother he is in the pink as usual. I must wind up now. Have written to Sam Jones ask him if he has received it. So long now with best love and best wishes to you all

I am

Your loving Son


PS I have received your letter of the June 30 was very pleased to have it and the MG (Mommouth Guardian). This paper is getting no bigger than a sheet of writing paper. My word you are getting quite an authority on tar spraying of Abertysswg streets. I will be on the lookout for the parcel Jon has sent me. Many thanks to Dyfan for his letter. Will answer him again. Congratulations to Mailys on her success. You must have had my letter saying I had received the parcel you sent June 7 and chocolates and …. Have written to thank Mrs Jacob for them. With love from Goronwy


This must be the postcard to which GCR is referring from Auntie Annie and family