Sgt GC Roberts 3144

C Coy 1/5th Bn Welsh Regt

159th Brigade 53rd Division

Northwestern Frontier force

July 13 1916 Egypt

Dear Dad and mam

Just a line to let you know that I am as usual in the pink hope you are all the same. I received a letter from Sam jones of Rhymney this week and have already written back to him. You have received the letter no doubt in which I stated I had received the cake. I still have memories of that cake. I had a shirt and a pair of socks from Mr Davies the chaplain, he told me to tell you that he is the grandson of John Jones of Dowlais and later of Merthyr and a friend of Dr Parry you may know him by this, he would like to hear from you so write a letter to him his address is Capt Rev AW Davies CF 1/5 Bn Welsh the same as myself. My word it is toasting hot as I am writing this letter, never been so hot for a long time. It is supposed to lighten ones weight in these hot climates but I am doubtful of it. I sweat all the grease out of me but somehow or other I still keep putting on weight. Sam Jones gives me quite a list of people getting married lately. I suppose it is to get out of reach of the Army they do it. Have they had Austin yet hope they have? I like a man but find a coward is not worth bothering with. It’s no use saying that any of us fancy bullets and shells but when it has to be done go with a good heart and not like a frightened rabbit. Well enough of this. How is Abertysswg getting on let me know. Hope it will not be long before we will all be sitting round the table having a respectable bit of grub once more. There seems to be rumours out here that they are going to have a Sulva Day in Cardiff and we are to be there have you heard anything about it. Personally I don’t think there is anything in it but you know the old saying about where there is smoke there is fire. Hope it will prove correct. You stated in your letter that Mr Cooper expected Hughie home on leave from France has he come yet let me know. The commission business I mentioned to you is a washout I don’t believe they think I have money enough to carry a commission in the Artillery because it would mean taking up the Army as a profession. Do you think you could do anything for me in regard to a commission in the infantry for duration of war let me know if you think it wise. I won’t do anything in the matter until I hear from you. Hope Mailys and Dyfan are getting on A1 as I am. I am still Acting Company Quarter Master Sgt and if the old one does not come back will get the job and that means four shillings per day which would be most acceptable and I could do something for you then. I have no more to say just now best love to Jon and Mag hope they are both well. Hope you all are the same. Do you know a chap called Pat Pedlingham who was a printer for Jacobs, Rhymney? Well he belonged to the Hearts of Oak, I told him you were in the same so he told me that he wanted his sister to have the money and not his father and he was going to give me her address and wanted me to ask you to claim it for her. I did not get the address as I was called away at the time. The poor chap was killed, lost his head and got between our machine gun and the Turks and was riddled. I have not mentioned this before because we were not allowed to mention casualties. Can you do anything in this he told me that a member could claim it for his sister. I should have told you that he mentioned this to me just before we landed on Sulva Bay. Let me know about it. Don’t know his sister but perhaps Mr Jacobs could.

With best love and wishes to you all

I am

Your loving Son